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Devils Dynamite Chilli Paste has a unique flavour and it can be added to your cooking to give it a kick!

Light up your cooking today with Devils Dynamite Chilli Paste 180g Jar.

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Containing only fresh ingredients (no artificial colourings or preservatives) sourced locally in the UK, Devil's Dynamite Chilli Paste can be added to meals to give it an exta kick.

As it contains all the herbs and spices you would ever need to add to a dish, all you need is the paste! Revolutionising your spices cupborad (which is, lets face it, always a mess!), this has it all.

Choose from 5 flavours: Insane chilli, Explosive chilli, Mild chilli, BBQ Twist chilli and Tandori Twist chilli

Use as a marinade, stock, dip or more. Versatile paste which is cost effective (15 dishes per jar!).

Once opened, must be stored in the fridge and for up to 3 months.