Gluten Free Pizza Mix 400g - with free yeast

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Our Davina Steel Pizza mix has been developed along side AVPN ( look it up ) trained Pizzaiolo's and has been called a game changer - but you decide! Our mix makes 4 delicious Pizza bases.


Classic Mixes

When we launched our first range, the three things everyone who can’t eat gluten said they missed were …

  • a good sized, tasty loaf,
  • a REAL pizza,
  • proper scones.


These three are our all time classics that will rapidly become your indispensible store cupboard friends.

Pizza Base Mix

Our main man Dan is a trained Pizzaiolo (that’s a Pizza Chef to you and me) … not a lot of people know that … he trained with the best AVPN Master Chefs in Napoli and gained his stripes through exams and hard work in local Pizzeria.

If you’re trying to develop the best gluten free pizza ever, then what better than to have the harshest critic in your own kitchen?

As with our bread, we worked hard to get the texture, tearability, taste and REAL feel using only natural products. Some ended up as Frisbees, some as limp as a wet rag (and about as tasty, we must admit). In a bid to avoid the dreaded soggy bottom, we progressed to more than our fair share of blackened offerings.

And finally, Dan the Man cracked it! The recipe was perfect, we just had to create a technique that did it justice. Enter the chargrilled frying pan and grill … so simple and yet amazingly the pizzas have the real texture and wood-fired flavour, but are robust enough you can slice and eat with your hands without bits dropping off. At last! A REAL pizza and it’s so easy to make. Prep all four, then freeze the ones you don’t need for the quickest meal ever, next time you have The Munchies.

That’s why so many people have called our revolutionary pizzas a “game changer”. We couldn’t agree more.