Cretan Honey Maragakis- 950g

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Greek Cretan Honey Maragakis- 950g


Cretan Honey 950gr by Maragakis: Cretan Honey(from herbs,coniferous trees and thyme) can also be used in baking instead of sugar or can be drizzled over cereal, yogurt and fruit as a delicious breakfast. Mouth-watering syrup sweets such as baklava and other pastries, would not taste as delicious without using raw, unprocessed honey harvested from beehives in the wild Cretan landscape. Honey is an important part of the Cretan diet due to its health benefits, and has also been a symbol of purity and well-being since ancient times. It can help to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol and even soothe coughs and burns. Honey for the Cretans is their own liquid gold! Details Honey from Heraklion -Crete Product midfully selected with strict production criteria Harvest 2018/2019 Quality Rich flavor ,ethereal aromas ,velvet texture. Thyme content >43% ,Fructose 40% , Glucose 32.3%, Sucrose<0.5% , HMF 17.3mg/kg , Moisture 15.3% No preservatives -no additives Packaging Jar of 950gr labelled Expiry Date Within 30 months after packing Storage Keep it in a dark,dry and cool place Crystallization* Is a natural phenomenon, confirming the purity of the product Usage A perfect spread on bread or rusks, ideal with yogurt,fruits ,pancakes or cheese. A valuable ingredient in salads or in cooking meat and more.. *If your honey crystallizes/ sweetens, do not worry! Instead you should be happy to have bought an excellent honey. You can restore it to its original state by putting it in bian-marie. Place the jar with your honey in a boiling pot and in a few seconds your honey will return to its original fluidity.