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The BrüBox IPA craft beer brewing kit gives you everything you need to brew great tasting craft beer in your own kitchen.

Unlike home brew kits of old, we use an all-grain brewing process, which is exactly the same way your favourite breweries brew great craft beer - albeit on a much smaller scale!


With BrüBox you can create delicious craft beer in your own kitchen using the same process as professional breweries. Be your own brewery.

The ultimate gift for the beer lover in your life! You get the great craft beer, and learn how to be a brewer along the way!

•  BREW LIKE A PRO Brew your own craft beer like a professional! Do you think that home brewing produces flat, undrinkable beer and needs a lot of space? Well, not with BrüBox! We make it easy to make high quality craft beer in your own kitchen, using the same all-grain process that your favourite craft breweries use.
•  ALL-IN-ONE Our Original BrüBox provides everything you need to brew a gallon of beer! The box includes brewing hardware (syphon, thermometer, airlock & bung, sanitizer), hops, grains, ale yeast, 1 Gallon (4.5L) Glass Demijohn, malts kit, hop pellets and brewing instructions.
•  THE PERFECT GIFT Our product is shipped in a beautifully designed and sturdy packaging. So it makes for a perfect gift idea for all beer lovers!

Our IPA is a really easy drinker and comes in at about 5-6%. 

Not an IPA lover? We've got you covered! We have an IPA, a porter, and a Weißbier. Check out our other listings for other varieties and refills.

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