Colombia Single Origin Coffee

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250g bag of single origin whole beans, just-roasted in our central London roastery.

This coffee was grown on the slopes of active volcano Las Galeras' in Narino by overwhelmingly small-holders on the north and western side of the volcano at altitudes that reach 2,300 metres - some of the highest at which coffee is grown in the world. The high altitude of cultivation allows for a slow, development of the coffee bean, which gives the cup profile of Narino its unique characteristics.

<p>Tasting Notes: Caramel, Lemon Meringue, Blackcurrant</p><p>Body: Creamy and juicy</p><p>Process: Fully washed</p><p>Origin: Narino Department, La Florida, Sandona and Consaca</p><p>Altitude: 1800-2300m</p><p>Best As: Flat White</p>

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