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Coco Sweet & Salty Popcorn 30g

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The aroma of the coconut oil, the punchiness of the grey sea salt, and the sprinkles of that sweet thing we all like, only this time, it isn't sugar! Can you believe it? Get stuck in. 

I've always been known as the snack fanatic by my family and friends, turning up with the munchies and popcorn forever being among the bunch. I loved it so much I started to make it myself, working through different flavours and combinations to see what worked. I spent long days and nights in my flat perfecting recipes and popping corn. I could never make a bowl of popcorn without somebody wanting to dip their fingers in and have a bite. Now everybody can have a share of their own!

Give it a try day or night. It's a vibe.


Organic Popped Corn, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Grey Sea Salt, Xylitol (sugar alternative)

Allergy Advice: Produced in a facility that handles soya, peanuts, gluten, wheat, and nuts. May contain the occasional un-popped kernel.


Vegan, Organic, Gluten-free.


Per 30g

Energy (KJ) 535 (Kcal) 128

Fat (g) 5.2

Of which saturates (g) 3.5

Carbohydrates (g) 17.9

Of which sugars (g) 0

Protein (g) 3.1

Salt (g) 0.05

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