Classic North Indian Curry Spice Blends (Gift Box)

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Inspired by the original godmother of Indian home cookery: MRS BALBIR SINGH

Our gourmet all-natural spice blends take lovers of Indian food on a mouthwatering discovery of quintessential dishes from this culinary legend.



A gift box of spice blends to make stellar versions of some classic North Indian curries. Travel through Moghul times, Kashmiri mountains and the fertile farmlands of Punjab with the iconix Mrs Balbir Singh's:-

- Shahi Chicken Masala (50g)
- Amritsari Chana Masala (50g)
- Kashmiri Rogan Josh (60g)
- Original Garam Masala (50g)

Freshly roasted, ground and blended. Then packed in our eco-friendly spice tins, and presented in a foil-stamped black box. Includes recipe cards and an introduction to Mrs Balbir Singh. Making it the perfect gift for any foodie and Indian food lovers.

Each of our spice blend tins contains enough blend for between 3-5 dishes which serve between 4-6 people per dish. All our spice blends are Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly.


According to food historians around the world, Mrs Balbir Singh’s Shahi Chicken Masala is the prototype dish for the world famous Chicken Tikka Masala. It’s a little more creamy and indulgent, with subtle layers and a real depth of flavour. This should be no surprise as it’s roots lie in the royal kitchens of the Mogul Emperors. A unique, slightly decadent and moreish curry.


Also known as chole masala, this is one of Punjab’s true soul foods. There are of course many versions of chickpea curries across India, but this sumptuous version hails from the city of Amritsar, home to the beautiful Golden Temple. It is a signature dish of the region which is commonly served with the fluffy deep-fried leavened bread, Bhatura. This was a regular on the Sunday lunch menu at Mrs Balbir Singh’s home.


Kashmir is a place where one sees nature at its height, a soul-stirring spectacle which will linger in one’s mind forever. The cuisine is a magnificent blending of the culinary arts of the Moghuls and the Kashmiris. This aromatic lamb curry is a signature dish of Kashmiri cuisine, and is one of the main dishes in the famous multi-course meal, wazwan.


Quite possibly the most important spice blend in Northern India. Different family or regional versions of Garam Masala are used in the majority of Indian kitchens on a daily basis. We include our own heritage blend in this gift box for you to use towards the end of each of the recipes in this gift box as a finishing spice, elevating the whole dish to perfection.

Whereas all our spice blends are vegan friendly and gluten free, you may need to use your favourite vegetarian, vegan and gluten free alternatives in our recipes and serving suggestions where required.