Classic Balsamic Dressing

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A classic balsamic dressing for everyday use. Pour it over Italian sun-kissed tomatoes, rocket, crunchy lettuce and ripe avocado.


As the name suggests this classic dressing is just that, balsamic vinegar of Modena, Extra Virgin Olive oil, a touch of lemon juice, Suffolk Mud mustard and honey, to give you the perfect blend of sharp and sweetness over your salads. Nothing too fancy, just a good, honest, everyday dressing which is hopefully so much better than the ones you’ve tasted before.
Lucy’s Dressings were inspired in their rather busy family kitchen, using my  unique recipes. Having hand picked the finest quality ingredients, they have been lovingly created to  dress, marinate or roast delicious local produce.
Lucy has tried to make her dressings taste truly delicious, and is quite pleased that the Great Taste Award judges think they are… In only two years, Lucy’s Dressings have won five Great Taste Awards.