Citrus Twist - Refined - Vegan Honey Alternative

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Northern Pantry proudly presents our Citrus Twist Vegan Honey Alternative. We have taken our Original "honey" flavour and combined this with a sharp splash of lemon, fresh lemon peel and a twist of ginger. Perfect for sweetening tea or drizzled over cereal. This is an ideal flavour for anyone who loves a citrus zing!


This sweetener has been hand-crafted in Lancashire using Organic Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Cane Sugar & Natural Flavourings and can be used to replace traditional honey, perfect for people with allergies, babies, vegans, environmentally conscious people & all those in-between!

10p from the sale of each jar of our Vegan Honey Alternative is donated to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, to help with the education on the use of pesticides and the current Bee decline.

Did you know?

On average it takes around 6,000 bees to fill one jar of 250g traditional honey? But not ours, bees are only used in the natural process of pollinating the apple trees.


Please do not refrigerate | If clouding appears, heat gently. | Once Opened Consume Within 3 Months

Ingredients: Cane Sugar (50%), Water (32%), Organic Apple juice Concentrate (11%), Orange Juice (6%) Fresh Lemon Juice, and Natural Flavourings.