Chilli Rocks! World's Hottest Chillies Gift Set

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Rock the Chilli World with this amazing collection of Fiery Chillies from around the world. Perfect for Chilli Lovers and for those who like it HOT, HOT, HOT!

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Turn up the heat in your kitchen with these 6 Pots of 100% Pure Whole, Ground and Flakes of Chillies from around the world.
made from:

Carolina Reaper - World's Hottest Chilli!...over 2 million on the scoville scale

Naga Ghost Chilli - Extreme Burn!... over 700,000 on the scoville scale

Fruity Habanero - Fiery Hot!... over 200,000 on the scoville scale

Smoky Chipotle - Hot & Spicy!.. over 30,000 on the scoville scale

Warm Caynnne - Feel the Heat!... over 30,000 on the scoville scale

Sweet Ancho - A Little Tingle!... over 3,000 on the scoville scale


H30 x W70 x D70cm

Caution! - Handle with Gloves. Use with caution & Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for under 16s.