Cherry Almond Truffle Bars (2 per pack)

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73% Dark Chocolate. With 58% Almond Mylk Swirls.

Two chocolate bars per bag. 60-70g. As they are handmade they will vary in weight.

Another one of my favourite things (we’re talking food and drink) is amaretti. On it’s own, maybe an ice cube if we’re feeling fancy. It’s my Christmas Eve drink, warm and comforting whilst all tucked up on the sofa waiting for Santa. I love it. This bar was inspired by that drink and all things marzipan (an old favourite). Cherry was added as I think it works really well with both chocolate and almond. It adds a nice fruity hit, a sweetness and depth of flavour. It embodies those cherry gateau feels and those adult feels too with the alcoholic like hint. This ones my weekend bar, feeling fancy bar, feeling special bar and I might, MIGHT even share this one with a special someone too after a romantic evening.


The chocolate I make, contains just five ingredients. They’re made up of both blonde and dark chocolate for decoration and a more gift like look. After I’ve decorated the chocolate mould with blonde chocolate splatters, I pour a layer of dark almond chocolate over the top, scatter the cherry roasted almond truffles over and then cover them completely in dark chocolate. They’re then finished off with a few more white chocolate swirls, chopped almonds and cacao nibs all for a more luxurious look. Not to forget a nice crunch and texture contrast that ignites the senses whilst eating. All about the texture and flavour experience. This is definitely a luxury one, a one to gift a loved one and a one for a special evening.


As this has a more luxury look and grown-up taste, I like to enjoy its extravagance on its own but I have also enjoyed it in rocky road, as chunks or melted down. As well as crumbled on top of ice cream with amaretti, fresh cherries and expresso poured over the top as an impressive dessert. Perfect for when your friends or family are round for dinner. P.s. there’s some gorgeous natural and dairy free ice cream brands out there now.



Ingredients -

cocoa butter (35%)(South America), cacao powder from Peru (15%), coconut sugar (Indonesian) (22.69%), Truffles (7.3%) (Medjool dates, Almonds (8.32), Almonds (36%), Brazil nuts), freeze dried cherries, cacao nibs (1.51%), natural almond extract - water, ethanol and bitter almond oil (0.17%), salt.

Contains traces of peanuts and nuts. Packed on premises that handles nuts, seeds, cereals, soya & products containing gluten.

Caution - please do not order if you have an allergy to gluten, nuts, tree nuts or sesame as they contain traces in my products as they are made in a small kitchen with the same equipment that handle these constantly. May contain traces of milk.