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Mission: Explore Food

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Mission:Explore Food is a revolutionary cookbook, guide, fieldbook and atlas to what we grow in the ground, chase around fields, put in our mouths, poo out our bums and plant our seeds in. The book will include scores of both delicious and disgusting recipes, missions, games and wisdom on good ways to find, eat and dispose of food.
Written by The Geography Collective (a team of teachers, academics, artists and explorers) in partnership with City Farmers and illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones, Mission:Explore Food will go where no other family food-related book dares! The first Mission:Explore Book won the Hay Festival & National Trust Outdoor Book of the Year 2011 and is Pink Stinks for being forward thinking and positive on gender issues. Our next book will be even bigger and better. Mission:Explore Food will cover sustainable, healthy, slow, self-grown, urban farmed, ethical, local and international food. Readers will be encouraged to think critically and creatively about where their food comes from, how it's transported, traded, processed, prepared, cook, eaten and disposed of. Chapters in the 256 page full colour and illustrated hardback book include: 1. Grow 2. Harvest 3. Cook 4. Eat 5. Waste 6. Soil In true Mission:Explore style readers will be challenged to complete missions which involve planting, digging, watering, finding, foraging, growing, investigating, testing, questioning, sifting, rolling, talking, throwing, climbing, harvesting, hunting, picking, sharing, learning, soiling, pooing, weeing, recycling, trading, singing, creating, cooking, stiring, boiling, grating, skimming, churning, thinking, mapping, eating, tasting, smelling, sniffing, burning, chilling, drinking, gargling, farming, playing and fooding. Review Mission:Explore is bold, cool, exciting, innovative, geographic, educational…and just plain fun! Every curious kid, budding geographer, and responsible parent should have a copy! --National Geographic Education This is a brilliant book. --Rob Bushby, John Muir Award Manager, John Muir Trust Oh blimey the book is BRILLIANT!!!!! It needs to be in every school in the country! --Emma Freud
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