Cake essential preserves

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Cake essentials set of 3 Handmade Greek Preserves
Vegan Bergamot, Vegan Pistachio Nut & Vegan Walnut, Handmade Greek Preserves (3x 250g)


If you like forget all troubles & get lost in the kitchen with your favourite ingredients, creating irresistible bakes you have to try this set! Consisting of the aromatic & zesty Bergamot (comes in 1/8 slices of the bergamot with the peel!) - perfect not only for the unique flavour but also as the most beautiful decoration! Pistachio Nut with the small nuts, great sweetness & beautiful colour great as filling or topping - it’s up to you and the whole Walnut as a nutty addition to either sweet or savoury bakes. When you try them once you’ll always keep your cupboard stocked with our cake selection set (and not only!) for an unexpected bake or just to enjoy them on a daily basis! Vegan, free from gluten & wheat