Buffalo Hot Wing Turkey Jerky (6 x 30g)

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Award-winning craft turkey jerky made on the Bermondsey Beer Mile in London.

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Jerky ain't just about beef! We only use the best British free-range turkey with our top secret New York-style Buffalo Hot Wing marinade to give this healthy snack a tangy twist.

At only 93 calories per bag, this healthy yet indulgent snack doesn't contain any colourings, nitrates or preservatives. Our methods of making jerky are just as unique as our flavours, no other brand does it like we do which allows us to create a more intensely flavoured product with the texture of real, homemade jerky.

About Billy Franks

We love jerky but we don’t love all the sugar, salt and preservatives that tend to come with it. So in 2011, we set up making our craft British beef and turkey jerky in our tiny, one bedroom flat in Clerkenwell. As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones looking for responsibly sourced, healthy jerky snacks - our friends, colleagues and family all loved our air dried, wholesome, meaty treats. So Billy Franks was born…

What started as a hobby, grew into a full time business with production moving out of our home kitchen - much to Mrs Billy Franks delight - into a new jerky ranch on the Bermondsey Beer Mile where we still hand make our tasty craft snacks in small batches today.

We take pride in using natural ingredients and sourcing the best British meat and plant based ingredients to create our intensely flavoured, chewy jerky that you can really sink your teeth into…