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More subtle in flavour than commercial tonic, BTW (Bermondsey Tonic Water) has none of that over powering bitter sweetness associated with commercial tonics. Here for your sampling pleasure are 4 bottles of BTW (Bermondsey Tonic Water) and 4 bottles of the best gins the UK has to offer.

Boxer: Boxer Gin is the only gin to distill fresh juniper berries, blended into a classic London dry gin made from the finest ingredients. The addition of fresh pressed bergamot oils enhance the flavour to produce a refreshing and punchy G&T.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb: Warner Edwards are best friends and craft distillers who have produced global award winning gin since 2012. Bright rhubarb stalks upfront, with a brief flash of sourness. This is followed by an array of sweet spice: vanilla, nutmeg and ginger, which add balance. Classic gin notes then come through with resinous juniper and the spicy citrus of coriander.

Portobello Road: Portobello Road Gin eschews the trend for obscure and unusual ingredients and instead is an honest blend of just nine botanical's. On the palate Portobello Road Gin has a generous slug of juniper and a sustained, fresh citrus character, developing with the use of nutmeg into a warm peppery finish.

Cotswolds: The expression of the traditional London dry style comes from the maceration into pure wheat spirit of juniper, coriander and angelica root, which have been left for 12 hours to allow their flavour characteristics to fully infuse. They then add a unique botanical mix of Cotswold's lavender and bay leaf, grapefruit, lime, black pepper and cardamom seed into the still, distil and finish with naturally refined Cotswold's water. A classic well-balanced juniper-led gin with crisp citrus and spice.