BTW Drinks

Buy BTW Tonic Water online at BoroughBox. Handcrafted in the heart of London to a traditional Victorian recipe, BTW is an all natural Tonic Water. The key ingredient in BTW is Quinine which is extracted naturally from South American Cinchona bark using heat & water. This, a superior process to chemical extraction, the method favoured by high street Tonic Waters. It is in this natural extraction that BTW gets its unique golden hue and well rounded flavour profile. Created at London Gin bar, 214 Bermondsey by Nick Crispini & Lawrence Mason, BTW is a Tonic Water made by Gin lovers, for Gin lovers. Besides the natural Quinine, BTW uses no added ‘flavouring’ botanicals. By truly allowing the Gin to shine a BTW G&T is an experience like no other; delicious, daring & delectable. Not too bitter, not too sweet ...The way Gin intended


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