Best of Hungary

Monika and Zoltan, two Hungarian foodies living in Wales, founded Best of Hungary with the aim to bring you the finest produce this small but gastronomically mighty country has to offer. Hungarian fine food is exceptional due to a unique combination of climate, excellent geographical conditions and centuries old gastronomic traditions, enriched by a careful attention to detail. Best of Hungary's range includes truly unique artisanal products, often bringing a contemporary twist to traditional favourites. It includes black truffle delicacies, Great Taste Award winning oils, ethical goose liver, balsamic and wine vinegar, raw single-flower honey and of course the world-renowned Hungarian paprika. They work with a number of family-owned businesses who dedicated to producing flavourful products with impeccable provenance, and they source all our gourmet delicacies straight from the pristine countryside. So just sit back, and allow us to take you on delicious journey through the “Pantry of Europe”!
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