Box of 10 - Appalachian Jack - Smokey Craft Jerky Box of 10

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Farm Gate to Plate. Using our Olde English family recipes, the CopperNose Bros make some of the craftiest all natural "naked" British jerky in the country. Inspired by You, Crafted by Us... are you ready to get naked?
During the late 18th century, Jack Coppernose was out seeking his fortune in the beautiful Appalachian mountain range. However, while attending his distillery, Jack's attention was drawn to the sound of voices on his property. Leaving to investigate the source of the sound, the equipment was now unattended. As it turned out, the voices were that of several representatives of the Law. Now Jack, being just a humble business owner, felt the good gentlemen wouldn't understand his somewhat illegitimate vocation. Jack took one last pull on his rollup cheroot and flicked it into the copper. As his beloved distillery exploded into smithereens, Jack slipped past his unwanted guests unnoticed. Armed with just his senses and a pocketful of jerked beef, he fought his way through the moonshine smog and eventually found a clear view. In celebration of his deliverance, Jack grabbed a tender strip of beef jerky for a comfort chew, only to find it now had an added deeply intense smokey flavour to it. With great satisfaction, Appalachian Jack had finally realised his true vocation. In tribute to a good ol' boy, the CopperNose Bros have crafted some of the smokiest jerky this side of the pond.
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