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Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee Black (12 Pack)

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Bold Coffee | Smooth Energy | Simple Ingredients

Our original Cold Brew Coffee Black is unapologetically simple. After all, we believe that when you put good in, you get good out. Freshly ground 100% Rainforest Alliance arabica beans are brewed low and slow for 18-long-hours in cool filtered water, and that's it.

The result? A perfectly balanced cold brew coffee with all of the good stuff and none of the bad. Full-bodied, smooth and super tasty, and with 60% less acidity than your regular cup o'jo - so it's kinder on your gut too! 

Your cans can be stored i

n the cupboard if fridge space is tight, but be sure to give them a thorough chilling before drinking. Or simply pour straight over ice if you can't wait. Enjoy!


Welcome to Bottleshot where good things are brewing. Here we make our cold brew coffee the New Orleans way- low and slow. By steeping our arabica coffee grounds overnight we give them plenty of time to share their full, naturally chocolatey and coffee flavours, with a steadier caffeine boost. So your coffee tastes as refreshing as it feels.

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