Natural & Noble Gin Botanicals and Spices Set. 12 Luxury Gin Botanicals to Flavour and Enhance Gin and Tonic Drinks and Cocktails. Create your Own Gin Flavours and Bespoke Blends.

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Create, infuse and craft your own delicious gin blends and flavours with our specially selected gin botanicals set. Dozens of potential flavour combinations are possible, making this great for your own use, or as a gin gift.

Great results and easy to use; you don't have to be a magician to be a mixologist. Our easy to follow guide makes this gin gift very simple to use. All you have to do is select the botanicals you want to try, add them to a drink (or bottle), let them infuse and hey presto, you've created a new blend!


A premium set of 12 specially selected superior culinary gin botanicals to subtly infuse and flavour your gin drinks. This set provides an exciting mix of delicate aromas from world botanicals created especially for you to add to your gin and tonic or entire bottles of gin. So, if you want to create special flavours and unique blends, this set is perfect.

These botanicals will lift the flavour of any gin, whilst adding complexity and enhancing its taste.

You can also experiment by trying various flavour combinations across the range of botanicals provided. Each botanical is presented in its own lidded tin to maintain freshness.

Full instructions are also provided as well as a description of each botanical. Simply select which botanicals you wish to infuse your gin and tonic with, then sprinkle into your drink or bottle of gin of choice.

This luxury gin botanicals set makes for a fantastic talking point at parties, among friends as well as a brilliant accompaniment to any bottle of gin or gin gift.

Our gin botanicals set is ideal for gin but works equally well with vodka and other neutral spirits. We have selected our range of botanicals to impart delicate aromas (thus not destroying the base flavour of your G&T). Botanicals are principally used to add flavour; thus they are suitable for any glass types. However, they are also varied in colour so can also create beautiful aesthetic for your friends and guests. We suggest that if you are looking to wow your guests with a display of your botanical knowledge and prowess, they will look even more amazing if you use wider brimmed cocktail glasses such as martini glasses, coupe glasses, cocktail tumblers, and large balloon gin glasses.

Our customers use botanicals for parties they are putting on at home, weddings, dinner parties and other events. Each tin of gin botanicals contains 12 smaller tins of botanicals together with a set of instructions and a guide to the contents. There are enough ingredients to last ‘a long time’ (at least 6 months) but clearly this depends on how often you drink gin! Once added, you'll need to leave the drink for a few minutes for the flavours to infuse. Please note that these items are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Whilst the ingredients are gluten free, they are not packed in a gluten free environment.

Our sets are £23.99 plus £2.95 postage and packing, or free for 2 sets and more.