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Dà Mhìle Farmhouse Botanical Gin is bottled at 42% ABV and uses 100% organic
ingredients. It is made using a mix of 20 botanicals, from familiar favourites juniper
and coriander to five botanicals grown on their farm: elderflower, red and white
clover, gorse and chamomile.


Tasting notes:

Nose: Green juniper, followed by a burst of herbal spice notes, including cardamom and sage.Then some coriander and finally fennel.

Taste: Plenty of coriander up front, along with some other citrus. This then moves onto some sweet spices, such as fennel and star anise, and finishes up with the dry juniper. After the citrusheavy start, this is a herbal andpiney gin with forest-like qualities.

Overall: I’m quite fond of Dà Mhì le and its bold flavours and that is aside from the fact that the whole gin is distilled in Wales and it is Organic (to the EU standard, which is more stringent than the USA standard). Before Dà Mhìle the only UK 100% organic gin was Juniper Green Gin which is nice enough but, unlike Dà Mhìle, lacks a certain wow factor.