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A collection of the most natural, better-for-you sugars from BONRAW™. The range consists of the most natural, raw cane sugar available - Panela for your pantry, Silverbirch™ - the replacement to white sugar for general beverage and topping and Coconut Blossom Sugar - a mindful baking sugar choice.


We are the maestro's in all things sweet, specifically sugars - having worked in the sugar refining industry, BONRAW™ duo, Elpida & Tamas have teamed up to create the perfect better-for-you all-natural sugars.

This variety pack from BONRAW™ allows you to explore all natural sweetness for different occasions/uses.

(1) Silverbirch™ 225g
If you like your tea and coffee sweet, or like to sprinkle sugar on your foods - Silverbirch™ is the perfect match. Derived from the fibres of woody plants, this all-natural sugar that tastes like white refined sugar but instead poses multiple health benefits that makes it better-for-you.

* Low GI of 7 vs. 67, will not spike blood sugar levels as regulars sugars
* 40% less Calories than white refined sugars
* Less available carbohydrates than sugar
* Releases energy 11 x slower than sugar, leaving you fuller for longer
* Supports good dental health – Contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation - will not decay tooth enamel and cause cavities like regular sugars.
* Suitable for dieters and diabetics and anyone concerned general well being

(2) Organic Panela 225g
If you like your coffee sweet with depths of flavour, your cocktails or have a passion for cooking - making marinades, glazes, curries alike - look no further, our organic Panela is the perfect sweet partner in the pantry. It is the most natural cane sugar available. Handmade by extracting and dehydrating raw sugar cane juice - it really is the most natural cane sugar available.

* Low GI of 35 vs. 67, will not spike blood sugar levels as regular sugars
* Immune Support - retains natural minerals of sugar cane (zinc & iron)
* Tastes good enough to eat neat! - Lightly sweet molasses taste with warm caramel undertones
* Certified organic

(3) Organic Coconut Blossom 225g
If you like sponges, biscuits, brownies and other desserts, our
Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar is the better-for-you baking sugar. Made from the fresh sap of the coconut blossom, it is heated turning into syrup and crystallising into small granules. It is neither refined nor bleached and classified RAW. Making it ideal for your mindful baking including sponges, biscuits, desserts. We love it paired with chocolate and tropical flavours.

* Low GI of 35 vs. 67, will not spike blood sugar levels as regular sugars
* 30% Lower fructose than regular refined sugars
* Tastes good enough to eat neat! - molasses taste with intense caramel undertones
* Certified organic
* Earth friendly - The most sustainable sweetener in the world as certified by the UN

Our Range:

  • Vegan friendly
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Use 1:1 as a direct replacement - no need to measure out specific quantities
  • Since I am an all-natural, raw product, I may clump together,  just give me a good shake before each use. Store me away from direct sunlight and keep me in my pot.
  • Our packing house also handles nuts
  • Sourced from origin countries & Proudly packed in the UK. 

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