Blue Bubblegum Artisan Ice Cream Kit

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Make your own Blue Bubblegum Ice Cream with our easy-to-use artisan ice cream kit. No ice-cream machine required. Unique recipes crafted by top chefs.

A blue bubblegum ice cream kit with popping candy, a zingy pink bubblegum sauce and bubblegum sweets.

This one is proving to be a huge hit with the little ones as well as the bigger little ones. Kids love to see the colour change from pink to blue as you add the bubblegum paste and then the boost.

Next throw in the blue shimmering popping candy and then top with bubblegum sweets and a mouth-wateringly sour pink bubblegum topping sauce – huge smiles all round!

Our ice cream kits are special because of the clever ice cream mix we developed which whips up with milk to make a smooth, luxury ice cream in the style of Italian Gelato, without needing an ice cream machine or any churning while it freezes. Simple enough to make at home in minutes, and with restaurant-quality taste and texture.

Makes 2 x 500ml tubs. Full instructions included.

Your Kit Contains:

  • 136g Indulgent, Fuss-Free Ice Cream Base Mix (Makes 1 litre)
  • 50g Bubblegum Flavour Paste
  • 7g Bubblegum Power Boost
  • 40g Blue Popping Candy
  • 50g Bubblegum Toppings
  • 40g Bubblegum Topping Sauce
  • 2 Ice Cream Freezer Tubs
  • 6 Ice Cream Serving Tubs
  • 6 Wooden Ice Cream Sticks

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