Vegan and Ethical Gift Guide

Looking for ethically sourced, sustainably packaged or downright vegan gifts this Christmas? We’ve got you covered! Our guide this week features all of our favourite collections and curations bursting with vegan and climate-conscious goodies! Enjoy!

1. Vegan Snack Selection Gift

With a mixture of delicious, nutritious and vegan-friendly artisan snacks, this is a wonderful gift for the vegan in your life - or just a treat for yourself! Handpicked nuts, chocolate, olives, fruit bars, and so much are all included in this lovingly curated selection of vegan goodies!

2. Yoga Gift Box

Our Yoga Box is a perfect Christmas present for a yogi. With healthy, wholesome food and snacks, teas, nut blends and the best granola you’ve ever tried (organic too), this box will help anyone on their path to enlightenment!

3. Ultimate Vegan Snack Gift Box

20 fabulous vegan snacks are featured in our Ultimate Vegan Snack Box - which one will be your favourite? From fruit twists and sustainable jackfruit snacks, to melt-in-your-mouth pili nuts, and vegan chocolate, there’s something vegan for EVERYONE. Have an ethical Christmas and feel just that little bit better about stuffing your face...

4. Ethical Gift Box

A brilliant array of nine divine food and drink items all from incredible, ethical producers, makes this a phenomenal gift for someone who buys items conscientiously. This honest and ethical box is your answer to climate-conscious gift-giving this Christmas.

5. Luxury Vegan Gift Hamper

A caringly selected range of our favourite vegan goodies, from indulgent vegan truffles to Rubie's Aquafaba Mayo and ManiLife's Peanut Butter; all packed in our beautiful gift hamper. Treat the vegan in your life to this fabulous selection of foodie products.

6. Christmas Gift Box of Vegan Delights

What you’ve all been waiting for: The Christmas Box of Vegan Delights. Specially curated to cater to absolutely any vegan need, this collection is the finest of our Vegan Collection rolled into one Christmassy treat! Featuring tangy pickles, salted caramel popcorn and deliciously salted flat-bread, you know EXACTLY who’d love this one.

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