Boroughbox Ultimate Advent Calendar Guide

Welcome to our BoroughBox guide to all things Advent! What better way to get excited in the lead up to Christmas than a box full of mystery goodies? From vegan snacks to craft gin and tonic, our collection has everything you could imagine behind those 24 doors.

While Christmas Day is always amazing, opening gifts 24 days in a row is the real deal. Tucked away behind small doors, tantalising treats await. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Advent calendars are not as old as Christmas though. Nowhere near! It was in the early 1900s that the world first saw a specially printed advent calendar. A young German man called Gerhand Lang was given a sweet by his mother for every day of Advent while he was a child. As he grew, his happy childhood memories never left him. At the time, Protestants in Germany used to count down the days to Christmas by lighting candles or writing on doors in chalk.

Image courtesy of Doing History in Public

Herr Lang saw an opportunity and printed his first Advent calendar in 1908. Other printers quickly followed suit and the Advent calendar was born. It wasn’t until later on though, that chocolates featured behind the little doors.

While we love snacking on a delicious chocolatey surprise every day, we wanted to create something luxurious and unique while also keeping the fun and excitement of those same Advent calendars we loved as kids.

This is how our range came to exist! We wanted an Advent Calendar to fit everyone's lifestyle. From cosy nights with craft brews, to cocktail making workshops with the family, our collection has it all this Christmas.

Christmas Feast Snacking Calendar

The name isn’t an exaggeration, this gift is a true feast! An incredible collection of luxurious sweet and savoury snacks with something for everyone. Award-winning crisp, aromatic and juicy Spanish olives, and delicious roasted  Spanish chorizo will tick the boxes for any savoury lovers. For those with a sweet tooth, enjoy a handmade rich, white chocolate drizzled fudge, roasted almonds chocolate, and much more.

Vegan Snacking Calendar

Get into the true Christmas spirit by having a vegan snack every day leading up to Christmas. This vegan snacking calendar is full of lots of delicious sweet and savoury treats. Natural, nutritious almond butter and raspberries cookies, a superfood-rich coconut & chia seeds bar, and raw chocolate filled creamy roasted nut butter are some of our favourites!  All of these goodies are hand-selected with deliciousness in mind! Enjoy!

Craft Beer and Snacks Calendar

Wow, This advent calendar is a must-have for any beer lovers out there. After all, who doesn't love settling down with a craft beer and a delicious meaty snack to go with it? Either enjoy tasting your craft beers in the run up to Christmas, or save them all to have one big Christmas Craft Beer and snack celebration with family on the big day! Featuring award-winning brands such as Crate Brewery, First Chop Brewing Arm Limited, Great Taste Award winner Jiddler's Tipple and delectable snacks from Little Bobby Jebbs, Serious Pig and The Drinks Bakery!

Sweet Snacks Calendar

An incredible selection of premium chocolate-y and sweet treats can be found behind every door. What better way of celebrating the most wonderful time of the year?

This advent features treats from award-winning brands such as Love Cocoa, Planet Organic, and a classic combination of dark raw chocolate teamed with fresh peppermint from Raw Halo.

This is the perfect gift for a loved one or little something to boost your days during the festive season.

Savoury Snacks Calendar

This advent calendar is a must-have for any savoury snack lover in your life, be it a family member, close friend or even a treat to yourself! Experience a delicious savoury treat every day in the lead up to the most anticipated day of the year!

As you open each window,experience a premium snack, ranging from a parmesan biscuit with basil and toasted pine nuts, the full-bodied cheesiness of Crunchy Snacking Cheese, or the gently roasted authentic Spanish chorizo