Try It Before It’s Cool - Spice Drops

Want to add a drop of spice to your cooking?

Spice Drops offer you the ability to bring any food and drink to life with authentic flavours in a quick and convenient way. They’re highly concentrated, so a little drop goes a long way!

These incredible drops were created by Holy Lama Naturals, a family-run business based in Kerala, South India.

In 1938, father and founder, Mr D V Deo moved from Goa to Kerala to set up an essential oils business. Over 80 years later, this small company is still run by Deo’s family and sustainability is at the very core of what they do.

They strictly only work with local farmers and go the extra mile in promoting the empowerment of women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Each drop is a versatile droplet of explosive joy and culinary bliss. Chefs love it and cocktail-creators can’t get enough of it!

With more than 30 different spices to choose from, replace those dusty dry shakers and dirty pots with deliciously efficient pipettes bursting with flavour.

They aren’t just for cooking though… These beauties are superb as cocktail flavourings too.



Ah, the humble garlic. One of the staples of all cuisines… but isn’t a bit of a hassle to chop so small? No one wants to do garlic while your eyes are still streaming from all the onion you’ve just chopped… Well fear not! Just add a garlic drop and revel in the delicious aromas of garlic and onion (without it sticking to your fingers).

Lemon Zest:

This versatile little vial is the key to unlocking the flavours of your friday fish or that decadent risotto you’ve been planning. But wait, this little beauty isn’t just confined to savoury snacks - use it to add even more zest to your lemon drizzle cake, or add it into a tea for a little kick. Still not satisfied? A couple of drops into a martini will transform the experience (for the better, honestly - we tried it).

Mulling Spices:

What could be more festive than a big bowl of bubbling mulled wine? With these Great Taste award-winning drops, the process just got a whole lot simpler and a whole lot tastier! Using Mr Deo’s own secret blend, spice up your life with a drop of mulling magic.

Tikka Masala:

The British National Dish since 1971, it's impossible not to be tempted by a classic tikka masala. The folks at Spice Drops know this all-to-well and have answered all of our prayers. Tikka-Masala essence. In a vial. Ready at any time. Sorcery.

Want more? Well there is more. A LOT more. From vanilla to turmeric, mint to cardamom, replace all of your silly herb shakers with these refined and essential drops of magic. Better get them today because tomorrow, everyone will know about them!

Now’s your chance to put some spice into your life with Holy Lama Spice Drops!

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