Try It Before It’s Cool - Pili Nuts

Forget vitamin pills – try the Pili nut!

A superfood to rival chia seeds and goji berries, the Pili nut is shaped like a teardrop and boasts godlike lava-fed quantities of nutrients and minerals.

Grown in the volcanic soil surrounding Mount Mayon, the Pili tree is like a rare comet only seen once every decade: once planted, the tree takes up to 10 years to produce!

The lava-rich soil surrounding Mount Mayon has long held mythical qualities to the Bicolano people. This volcano is sacred, the home of their supreme God Gugurang, and erupts every few years; the rivers of lava pack the soil with minerals and nutrients.

But it’s only now that we can enjoy the benefits of this high-oleic superfood that packs the ULTIMATE nutritional punch.

Our favourite flavour:

Ecuadorian Cacao

Tastes like: A chocolate milkshake in a nut (yes, really!)


- Buttery
- Melts-in-your-mouth
- Creamy

Fun facts:

- Lowest carb count of all nuts

Nutrition: 1 cup =

- ¼ of your daily protein
- 17% of your daily calcium 
- 53% of your daily iron
- 86% of your daily magnesium


Chiang Mai Chilli Lime

Inspired by the spicy curry unique to Thailand, Chiang Mai Chilli Lime is the perfect companion to a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s evening. A spicy haze of lemongrass, lime leaves and Thai curry, it’s super high in Vitamin C and just oh so delicious!

If you like the spice of life, dare yourself to try!

Ecuadorian Cacao

A real favourite with the folk here at BoroughBox, it tastes like a chocolate milkshake in a nut (yes, really!). Generously sprinkled with Ecuadorian Cacao powder, this bag is a real treat, ideal for lifting the spirits when you’re down in the dumps!

Ecuadorian Cacao has numerous health benefits: it contains more antioxidants than Green Tea, and important mood-supporting nutrients like anandamide and phenylethylamine.

No wonder it’s such a happiness-machine!

Himalayan Salt

A super-healthy (and tastier) alternative to popcorn, Himalayan Salt is great for a lazy night of pyjamas and Netflix. A favourite of gourmet chefs everywhere, this pinkish rock salt is mined from Punjabi mountains.

Calling all artisan chefs: this one’s for you!

Kerala Coconut Curry

Zingy and creamy, Kerala Coconut Curry hails from the south of the Indian subcontinent. Crisp and buttery, with hints of coconut, pumpkin, cumin and chillies, it lands a spicy kick that leaves the mouth watering.

Jam-packed with so many ingredients, it’s a Mary Poppins handbag of flavour that’ll tickle the taste-buds senseless!

Kyoto Matcha

It’s a moreish marriage of 2 superfoods, organic coconut flower sugar and Kyoto Matcha - the soft tips of young tea plants grown in the shades of central Japan. Green, vibrant, filled with nutrients, it’s a sumptuous way to kickstart the day!

If you’re on a health kick or detox, give these a try!