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Greta, founder of Sweet Lounge, has worked hard to make her brand a staple in the sweet treats world. 7 years since their launch, this incredible marketplace seller has continued to grow with one simple vision, making people happy through luxury chocolate and gummy gifts with the Earth at heart! Read on to find out all about Greta’s incredible journey and how she is helping save the Amazon rainforest, one delicious treat at a time. 

Lost Years Rum on BoroughBoxLost Years Rum on BoroughBox

How it all started

Greta has always been passionate about business, in fact, she started her very own business at the age of 16, crazy right! She described her life and journey as a “rollercoaster”, with multiple ups and downs on her path to creating the brand we’ve all grown to love, Sweet Lounge.

As the business grew, Sweet Lounge continued to gain more and more popularity, with their services and products not only being requested in some of the most prestigious stores across the UK but in multiple events such as weddings, office parties and other public gatherings. This rapid growth has been one of Greta’s proudest moments to this day: “Launching the wholesale side of the business, we are gaining new stockists week on week and it's so exciting to see our products being stocked in independent high street stores. Seeing my brand grow is extremely rewarding and pushes me to work harder towards bigger goals.”

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Saving the planet with sustainability

From the start, being sustainable was one of the most important objectives for Greta. Focusing her attention on the environmental impact of their brand throughout the production process.
The incredible luxurious sweet sets come in easily recyclable elegant and transparent packaging, perfectly designed to showcase the array of vibrant coloured sweets and chocolates, not hiding anything from us sweet tooths.

But It doesn’t stop there!
Greta is furthering her mission to innovate eco conscious treats with the launch of a brand new plastic-free packaging.

Her most popular vegan gummy ranges will now be sold in new 65g plastic-free pouches. The new packaging makes use of emerging material technology to create a pouch that keeps the sweets in perfect condition, but is compostable, plastic-free, and contributes toward planting and conserving trees in the Amazon Rainforest!

Psst… she’s also partnered up with 8BillionTrees and One Tree Planted to support them with their mission to help conserve the environment - they’ve planted over 1000 trees this year alone!

Greta represents an emerging class of environmentalist artisans that are leading the charge into the future of food and drink and we’re proud to champion her products. You can head over to see her products here and make the Earth a cleaner place… by eating sweets! What’s not to like?

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