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Earth Day: Sustainable Sellers at BoroughBox

Here at BoroughBox, we pride ourselves on showcasing an exciting range of sustainable and eco-friendly products in this age of climate conscious consumption. In order to honour Earth Day this year, we believe it’s our responsibility to support initiatives that care for the world and give back. Whether it’s biodegradable packaging or clean water initiatives, below are just a few gems from our immense selection of eco-conscious (and supremely delicious) treats.

These eco-warriors have been battling food waste since 2012, when founder Jennifer decided to take her idea from side hustle to centre stage: Rescuing produce deemed too ugly for market retail and turning it into delectable condiments.

Fast-forward eight years and Rubies in the Rubble is one of the pioneering voices in food sustainability, with an award-winning range of ketchups, mayos and relishes.

Go on… have a dollop of virtue on those fries.



Rubies in the Rubble featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable SellersRubies in the Rubble featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable Sellers
Chocolate Letterbox GiftChocolate Letterbox Gift

This lot are real do-gooders. Since 2016, the folks at Brewgooder have led the way in the world of sustainable beer-making. Not only do they donate 100% of their profits to clean water charities, but they are spear-heading the ‘Work in Progress’ initiative: An open group of breweries and beer brands aspiring to build a more inclusive beer industry.

We know it’s already sounding too good to be true… but not only is this beer progressive, it's bloody delicious too. From crisp, zesty craft beer to passion fruit pale ale, this do-gooding dream team is whipping up a sustainable storm.

An almost Shakespearian tale of love and… chocolate? Indeed, love and chocolate are both things that, as you may have guessed, are integral to these Swiss-based chocolatiers. This coupling came about when chocolate-craving Scotsman, Richard met Danish foodie, Birgitte. They took quite the fancy to each other, and their shared love for chocolatey goodness led them to strike off from careers in law and pursue their sweet dreams. These melt-in-your-mouth (advice directly from Birgitte – it releases more flavour!) decadent delicacies are perfect for those of you who crave a little colour with your cocoa. And we haven’t even mentioned the gorgeous biodegradable packaging!

I know, I know, you’ve probably already added a box to your basket… but it gets so much better. This power couple has partnered with reforestation organisation, with almost 30,000 trees planted to date!


 Chocolate and Love featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable Sellers Chocolate and Love featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable Sellers
Jacked Foods featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable SellersJacked Foods featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable Sellers

Ever tried jackfruit? Neither had we… until we discovered Jacked Foods. Founders Josh, Michael and Dil were intrigued by the distinctive look and impressive size of fresh jackfruit while volunteering in Jinja, northern Uganda. They tried it… and loved it! So much so, that they visited local farmers with the aim of bringing it back home to the UK market. But there was a problem… jackfruits are enormous… and extremely heavy. The solution? Simple - just dry it! When the Ugandan farmers explained that to better profit from their produce, they dry the fruit, the three founders had their answer.

Jacked Foods produce delicious, sustainably sourced, dried fruit bags. To achieve this, they have ethically sourced products from transitional farmers who are on the path to becoming organic certified. The process can take up to three years and many farmers deem the transitional period too risky to become organic certified. Incurring the costs of complying with the rigorous organic standard, all while being unable to benefit from the increased demand and premium prices that come with certification… However, Jacked Foods supports those in transition by providing them with stable demand and fair prices, therefore lessening the perceived risk of the transition period! And of course, they plant a tree per purchase! What’s not to like?

Jacked Foods featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable SellersJacked Foods featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable Sellers

Truestart featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable SellersTruestart featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable Sellers

This Bristol-based start up is one of the fastest growing young drinks brands in the UK. They aim to “bring the festival mindset to the everyday” which we here at BoroughBox take to mean ‘free love’ rather than getting lost walking back to a muddy tent…

Their Rainforest Alliance certified coffee is all about releasing your wild side; your hunger for adventure, but without the pesky crash that so-often follows the morning coffee. By shopping for products with the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, you support a healthy environment and help to improve the quality of life for farm families.

So, if you’re tired of being tired, this is the true start to the day you need to ‘go wild’ (in the best possible way!)

The lovely ladies over at CHIKA’S dance to a different beat, mixing a whole lot of goodness with a whole lot of soul, both in their natural ingredients and their support of great causes.
They work with local women using responsible growers in sourcing their delicious produce, and that’s what CHIKA’s is all about: Female empowerment in Nigeria. They work with World Vision to empower girls through education, fighting against discrimination and oppression.

Fancy helping us champion CHIKA’s cause? Simply by munching down on some delicious handmade West African snacks? We thought you might. Add these beauties to your next BoroughBox shop and help CHIKA’s to support up to 40,000 young girls by providing them with an education by 2024!

Chika's featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable SellersChika's featured on BoroughBox Blogs: Sustainable Sellers

If you’re still searching for something sensational and sustainable, head to our caringly curated selection of eco-friendly products from our collection!

The Eco-Friendly Gift Box is your answer to climate-conscious gift-giving. If you’re looking to treat the eco-warriors in your life, then look no further.

Of course, you’ll find produce from all of the lovely folks we’ve introduced to you here. Carbon neutral and yummy as hell? Yes please!

So, there you have it, our expert Easter Gift Guide. From the finest prosecco pairings, to sweet treat gifts for the kids, this Easter is all about celebrating and sharing together. Now all we need to hope for is good weather… fingers crossed.

 The Emissary Prosecco: Vegan and Sustainably Produced featured on BoroughBox Blogs The Emissary Prosecco: Vegan and Sustainably Produced featured on BoroughBox Blogs

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