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Pili Nuts by Mount Mayon: Superfood Snacking at Its Best

Mount Mayon’s Pili Nuts are a favourite amongst the BoroughBox team. With many eclectic flavours to choose between, we’ve put together a quick guide on all things pili.

These treasures are grown amongst lush Philippine rainforest at the bottom of an active volcano, well known in local folklore and myth. They are grown naturally in nutrient-dense soil, and sprouted in purified water.
Mount Mayon combine quality food with social responsibility and work closely with local growers in southeastern Luzon. It is these wonderful people who hand pick the nuts, ensuring only the best are used. They are then slow dried to preserve nutrients and flavour.

This deeply addictive flavour, as well as the health benefits, make pili nuts the kings of savoury snacking. But, it is their distinctive texture that makes them truly special: crunchy yet smooth and buttery, they are quite unlike other nuts.

Mount Mayon on BoroughBox BlogsMount Mayon on BoroughBox Blogs

Keep it simple and allow yourself to appreciate the pili nut for all that it is. The Pink Himalayan Salt brings out the natural flavour of these nuts and puts focus on their unique texture.

These moreish delights are hard to put down, and they make the perfect accompaniment to a cold drink on a warm summer’s evening. Mount Mayon suggests that they pair excellently with a margarita or a glass of prosecco.

Himalayan Salted Pili Nuts. Great Taste Award WinnerHimalayan Salted Pili Nuts. Great Taste Award Winner
Ecuadorian Cacao Pili Nuts on BoroughBox BlogsEcuadorian Cacao Pili Nuts on BoroughBox Blogs

These nuts are multi-award winning for a reason. They are rolled in pure Ecuadorian cacao, which adds antioxidants into their nutrition profile, as well as creating an irresistibly luxurious chocolate flavour. 

We believe all food should be guilt-free, but these snacks strike an amazing balance between health and indulgence.

Travelling may be tricky at the moment, but these nuts will transport you directly to the bustling streets of a Thai city. This punchy flavour has bursts of lemongrass, lime leaves and chilli.

Fresh and vibrant, they are ideal to nibble on before tucking into a Massaman curry or tom yum soup. Imagining you are at a street food market in Chiang Mai is encouraged.

Chiang Mai Chilli And Lime Pili Nuts on BoroughBox BlogsChiang Mai Chilli And Lime Pili Nuts on BoroughBox Blogs
Kyoto Matcha Pili Nuts on BoroughBox BlogsKyoto Matcha Pili Nuts on BoroughBox Blogs

Why settle for just one superfood? These are hand rolled in matcha and organic coconut flower sugar, creating a fabulous snack that goes equally well with your morning coffee or a digestive.

The bright green coating of these nuts makes them beautiful to behold and is a reminder that they are seriously good for you.

*Our single packs have proven too popular and are currently sold out, but why not treat yourself and stock up with an entire case?

Spiced with cardamom, paprika, chilli and cinnamon, these fiery nuts are inspired by the colourful cuisine of southern India.

Mount Mayon believe these are best eaten with curry leaves, and provide these as part of the pack. We can’t imagine there’s much better in life than sitting in the sun, sipping a beer and munching on these.

Keralan Coconut Curry Pili Nuts on BoroughBox BlogsKeralan Coconut Curry Pili Nuts on BoroughBox Blogs

These superfood nuts truly are the perfect nibbles to tuck into at a dinner party, in the office or at a summery BBQ. They are also available on the BoroughBox Trade website, allowing retailers to purchase at wholesale prices.

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