Producer Spotlight: Jiddler's Tipple

Beer gift boxes have become some of our best-selling products on the BoroughBox website. With such a wide range of craft beers to choose from, we wanted to give our independent producers some love, and to tell you about their incredible journeys. With so many to talk about, what better place to start than the ones close to home?

Created by our Head of Logistics here at the BoroughBox HQ, we wanted to learn more about one of our favourite beers - Jiddler's Tipple. Who knows, this might become one of your lockdown favourites too!

Jiddler's Tipple

Location: North London

What does the name mean?
My name is Jacob Liddle and the brewery is called Jiddler’s Tipple. I’ll let you work out where the name came from!

Where did the idea come from?
I have been home brewing since 2017. At the start there were some truly awful beers (I still get stick from my friends for an early creation involving thyme!). However, as I mastered the art of brewing I started getting some great feedback. I thought, “why not give this a go!” and see if I can start a business.

Initially I was thinking of creating a “7 plus” range of beers solely of 7% abv or more. Quickly, I realised that the majority of people aren’t in the game for a 7%+ beer! I decided to focus on lower alcohol beers that have the taste and body of stronger percentage beers. Something you could enjoy without ending up on the floor or with a sore head!

So, my first beer is a pale ale called “Everyday”. It’s a lower alcohol beer which doesn’t sacrifice on taste or body. Beautiful aromas of tropical and citrus fruit on the nose give way to a gorgeous malty backbone. A velvety, soft mouthfeel and restrained bitterness complete this truly sessionable pale ale.

Jiddler's tipple photo

What inspired the look?
I am a life-long fan and collector of colourful vintage shirts. I was wondering what to use for the can designed then realised I have a wardrobe full of awesome designs! It feels a bit like reviving lost art. I love the fact I have managed to combine my love of beer and passion for vintage shirts into a great product.

jiddlers tipple beer

What has been your biggest struggle as an independent producer?
Finding a good logistics partner to work with. Just kidding!
Managing supply has been pretty difficult. I don’t have the room in my house (my girlfriend will kill me if I get any more brewing kit!) or money to get a full scale brewery. Consequently, I have been working with brewing partners in order to scale up without buying a whole brewery. 

It takes three weeks to produce beer and there is also a lead time on some of the materials. Therefore, forecasting and ensuring I don’t run out of beer has been a bit tricky. On top of this, scaling up can bring unforeseen changes to the beer due to the change in batch size and working on different kit. The first few iterations of the recipe weren’t quite how I wanted. However, it now looks and tastes exactly the same as my homebrew. It’s absolutely delicious, so I find it hard to keep my hands off the cans at home!

jiddlers tipple craft beer cold

What has been your biggest success in your eyes/what are you most proud of?
The thing I have always got the biggest buzz from is seeing people enjoy something I have created. I am also a passionate cook and always love seeing people's reactions when I put on a feast. 

In the same way, seeing people's reactions when they try a sample or getting feedback that someone has really enjoyed the beer is awesome. The other day I got an unprompted email from a customer who said it was the best beer they had tried and even better than the Magic Rock or BrewDog equivalent - there’s no better feeling than that!

Jiddler's Tipple beer BoroughBox

If you'd like to try some of Jacob's amazing beer - then you can find Jiddler's Tipple on our website here.