Did you know that it’s possible to make your own homemade gin in just 24 hours? Simply put together a hand-picked concoction of incredible botanicals, and your vodka of choice, then get ready for some beautiful bespoke gin. It gets better than that though - you don’t have to go hunting for these botanicals - as we sell DIY gin kits from an amazing company called Gin Etc on BoroughBox. 

We sat down with Nigel from Gin Etc to learn more about how the company started and what makes Gin Etc stand out from competitors.

Company Name: Gin Etc by Kitchen Provisions [In the header picture, you can see the Kitchen Provisions team in their Stoke Newington shop - left to right Tom, Jake and Helen.]

Company Location: London and Cambridge

 Year the company launched: 2015

What you sell: Our primary line is Gin Maker’s kits. We have five Kits in the range: Artisan, Expert, Hedgerow, Love Potion and Gentleman.


What’s the background story of how the company started?
We started blending gin kits in our daughter’s kitchen in Stoke Newington. Very quickly the product caught peoples’ imagination and outgrew the kitchen and moved into the living room, slowly taken over the whole house. In the second year, we moved the Gin business to our small converted barn in Cambridgeshire where we have been ever since.

We now have a staff of six who blend and pack the components for the various kits. Originally we were selling exclusively online but we were approached by Anthropology who wanted a retail product. We developed a range for them and then expanded our retail offering over the years until this year when we launched our new brand and packaging. We are very excited about new packaging which we think looks absolutely fab. The beautiful illustrations make them almost a collector’s item. Let hope the market thinks the same.

What has been your proudest moment(s) so far?
This has to be seeing the pre-production tubes in the new brand. This was the result of over six months of development. We now believe we have packaging that befits the product quality.

What makes you stand out from competitors?
We were the first and arguably still the best gin-making kits on the market. A lot of people have copied the concept but none offer the amount and range of content in their kits. We work on very tight margins to ensure that the buyer gets great value for money in the kit they purchase. We are always looking for ways to improve our kits and only recently added colour changing botanicals to our Love Potion kits.


Any funny/embarrassing/interesting work-related stories you can share?
Yes. I have done a few TV pieces on Shopping Channels. Once when demonstrating our colour changing botanicals and making a blue cocktail I managed on live TV to pour it out after a great build, serving it pink rather than blue. I had forgotten the chemical reaction that had taken place In the cocktail shaker with the fresh lemon juice changing the colour. Everyone thought it was very funny apart from me. Simple chemistry lesson learnt the hard way!

Advice for anyone launching their own food and drink company?
The challenge is scaling the business. It is very easy to start producing small lots and coming up with new ideas. Scaling this to when things take off is a skill. Our first Christmas was hell trying to keep up with orders. 24/7 for about three weeks. Great problem to have even so.

ginetc gin

What’s your biggest challenge as an independent producer?
When you are selling online it is easy to deal with packaging as really you are selling the contents and not the box they are packed in. When you move into retail sales the packaging becomes critical as the product has to sell itself off the shelf. This means a massive investment into packaging and committing to thousands of tubes, in our case. This is a big financial commitment and a major step forward for any small business.

Do you want to give a shout-out to any other independent producers you love?
In gin we love Bath Tub as they one of the few producers who sells compound gin similar to what you make with our kits. We are big fans of Single Variety Lemon Drop chilli jam - don’t be fooled by the name Lemon because it is really hot!!

What are your plans/hopes/dreams for the future?

Our dream is to become the go-to brand for Gin Kits and to be stocked in outlets across the UK. We are ticking a few off already with nearly 200 outlets. We have a lot of work to do because one not very good competitor damaged the name of Gin Kits by selling a very inferior product which means that we have to overcome a poor perception for the concept of gin blending at home.

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We hope you enjoyed this interview with Nigel from Gin Etc - if you'd like to get your hands on a gin kit - you can find the full range here.