Producer Spotlight: Dressini

This week we interview Philipp Ertl - founder of the delicious dressing company called Dressini. The company makes classic salad dressings with a splash of tahini, one of the few in the world! In addition, all products are plant-based, high in protein and rich in nutrition, what’s not to love? Curious to find out more about these innovative products? Check out our interview below:

Company Name: Exceedingly Vegan Foods Ltd

Company Location: London

What you sell: Versatile, ready-made tahini dressings

How you came up with the company name idea?
Dressini is a mix between the word dressing and tahini - Dressini

What’s the background story of how the company started?
I have a bit of an eclectic past. From founding my own design agency, I also started a vegan blog to inspire people to try more plant-based recipes. Over the last 4.5 years developing recipes and literally millions of recipe video views I now have 300 recipes on my blog. I always wanted to start my own product line and having a blog with over 170,000 followers on social media was an ideal foundation. We all love tahini because of it's many health benefits, especially it's higher-than-dairy calcium content. And we realised there was a gap in the market because you can get tahini in supermarkets but making your own dressing is messy. So we set it as our goal to make this superfood more accessible by creating easy-to-use and versatile tahini dressings that are super delicious..

What has been your proudest moment so far?
When we oversaw our very first production. And also having a team that's super supportive and always looks at solutions rather than problems.

What makes you stand out from competitors?
We are the first range of tahini dressings that's out there. And our dressings are nutritious, a plant-based source of calcium due to the tahini and high in protein.

Any funny/embarrassing/interesting work-related stories you can share?
Sharing pictures of each other's lockdown haircuts. Let's just say we won't change careers anytime soon ;-)

Any advice for anyone launching their own food and drink company?
In Austria, we have a saying 'First, things will be different and second, than you think'. It basically means that there are so many parameters that can change at any time, no matter how well you plan. That especially applies to the food industry. But it's all about persevering, you have to learn to constantly adapt to new situations. We were facing a very steep learning curve, but if you have a product you believe in then never give up and keep looking for solutions. Working in a food and drink company is notoriously challenging, so make sure you have a great team around to share the burden (and fun).

What’s your biggest challenge as an independent producer?
Funding. You have to be really creative to make every penny stretch further.

Shout-out to any other independent producers you love?
We love Adonis nut bars. They managed to make them really tasty yet with extremely low sugar levels. Perfect for busy office days.

Plans/hopes/dreams for the future?
We are a very ambitious team, and we want to bring back nutrition to the dressing and condiment aisle.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Philipp. If you want to see the range of Dressini products - check out their selection here.