Producer Spotlight: Boostball

We could all do with a good boost of energy after all the time spent at home in lockdown, so we thought we’d introduce you to a company that provides the perfect high protein snack - Boostball. They make delicious protein balls that are all natural with a great balance of protein and energy, and best of all, in compostable packaging. 

We sat down with their Director of Sales - Francesca Hobson to find out more about this exciting food company. 

Name: Boostball

Location: Essex

Date of Launch: 2017

How did you come up with the company name idea?
We wanted to give the healthy snacking category a Boost. The market was saturated with BARS and so we thought why not do Balls. Then we just stuck the names together! Boostball!

Can you tell us the background story to how the company started?

We wanted to bring great tasting products and great healthy ingredients together. We saw what was on the market and thought we can do this better! There is no reason that healthy products need to be compromised with horrible dry tastes, there are a lot of delicious ingredients out there and if you just commit to not making as much profit you can give these to the public!

What makes you stand out from competitors?
I think we are very innovative, and we actually care about giving the customers a really yummy product. Although the better ingredients cost more and there are cheaper alternatives, we would prefer to give the consumer the real Mccoy. We are the only high protein snack and Keto ranges on the market in 100% compostable packaging.

Have you got any advice for anyone launching their own food and drink company?
Be careful. The days of having a good product and being keen as mustard are gone. Unless you deal with international customers.
The majority of the UK market is now numbers focused, so try as much as you can to grow organically do not just say YES to the massive multiples if you are not ready - you will get burnt. Trust that you have a yummy product and they will come back when YOU are ready.

What’s the biggest challenge as an independent producer?
Operation Managing - this must be the biggest headache for all food manufacturers. It's a hard job you have to be on it and very organised. Getting all your ducks in a row for the ingredients to come in, staff to make the product and pack and then to organise with the consolidator for pick up/delivery. It sounds easy, but the moment one supplier or driver is late - it throws the whole machine out of motion - before you know it, you have lost a day!

Would you like to give a shout-out to any independent producers you love?
This industry is so great as there is so many lovely people in it, and once you make relationships you might not be best pals, but its nice when you have just finished 3 days at a show in Germany and you have a friendly face to go and have a glass with! Virtue Tea - Rahi, The Team at Young Foodies, Fred @ Prime Bars.

Any funny/embarrassing work-related stories you can share?
One time I was so hungover I emailed my Waitrose Buyer - "Hi Cheese" as all I was just thinking about melted Cheese..Luckily he was the loveliest man and replied saying hi Bread! I love building relationships in the food industry - everyone is so nice!

What are your hopes for the future?
To break the mould of the diet and weight management in all shops. Shake up the tired formula - you don't need to put yourself on the strictest of diets to lose weight. You can eat yummy, good for you products that are available at even the most basic corner shop at competitive prices.


A huge thank you for Francesca for speaking to us! You can find the full range of Boostball products on our website here.