Producer Spotlight: Airey's Farm Shop

Did you know that as well as our fantastic artisan snacks, drinks, and luxurious treats, we also sell meat boxes at BoroughBox? One of our favourite suppliers is the amazing Airey’s Farm Shop, which is based in Cumbria. They’re specialists in their field, with a business that has been running over 150 years. On top of this, their produce is ethically farmed, and it’s incredibly tasty too. 

We thought it would be interesting for you to get to know more about this amazing company, so here’s the lowdown. 

Name: Airey’s Farm Shop 

Location: Ayside, Cumbria

When the Company Started: Way back in 1832

Aireys Farm Shop

What They Sell: Airey’s specialise in Lakeland Herdwick sheep - which are born, bred and slaughtered in Cumbria. They also stock Holker Estates Saltmarsh lamb when in season (July - September).

Their beef produce includes Galloway, Highland, Longhorn, Belted Galloway, and Aberdeen Angus. These are all old traditional breeds of cattle.

On top of this, they have a pork supply from a local farmer who produces rare breeds such as Saddleback and Gloucestershire Old Spot.

Why We Love Their Produce: Founder Steve has a real commitment to honest, local, and top quality meat. They have a fully approved and licensed abattoir, which means all of their produce is completely traceable from farm to plate. They use traditional butchery methods, as well as using traditional breeds of animals, which are more flavoursome than modern day breeds.

What Airey’s Farm Shop Produce We Sell: We sell all sorts! From pork boxes like this one, to hearty beef boxes with a mix of steak, burgers, mince and joints, a gorgeous Herdwick lamb box, and mixed meat boxes like this one. 

Beef box

We asked founders Steven and Rebecca a few questions about their farm, here’s what they said: 

Why do you think the business has survived the test of time since the 1830s?

The business has been able to adapt to the changing world and come up with new ideas to expand with the times. 

Can you tell us a bit about the people behind the brand? How many of you work at Airey’s Farm Shop? 

With having control of all the processes from the farm to the plate all on one site we need a variation of different skills therefore employing 10 people full/part time.

How do you decide which specific breeds to rear on your farm/source locally? 

The animals the farm is stocked with are still the more flavoursome British breeds that we have used for years. We sell a lot of Herdwick lamb the traditional breed from the Lake District

Why is it important for people to support independent companies like yours rather than supermarkets?

At the supermarkets the customer can only buy what is on offer and usually with little or no traceability whereas we can tell them everything.

What about your company are you most proud of?

We have total control of what we sell from the farm to the table, in some cases it’s food yards not miles! 

Thank you so much Steven and Rebecca. If you want to see more Airey’s Farm produce on BoroughBox - click here.