10 Outstanding Organic Producers

It’s official, we’re obsessed with #OrganicSeptember.

In case you didn’t know - Organic September is a month-long campaign which raises awareness of the benefits of organic food, farming, and all the amazing organic brands and producers out there.

In light of this, we wanted to give a shout-out to some of our incredible organic producers on BoroughBox, and thank them for all they are doing to help create higher food standards around the UK.

What Is Organic?

Let’s start from the beginning, what exactly does “organic food” mean? You may have seen it on supermarket shelves, but have you ever considered what the criteria for being organic is?

Organic food, simply put, is food that has not been modified, enhanced or altered by chemicals. You might have seen “The Soil Association” logo on organic products, and this is because it’s the UK’s leading food and farming charity and organic certification body.

Organic food must follow a strict set of regulations, clarifying what you can use on your crops and how to treat your livestock.

Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Just like us, bugs need to eat too, but sometimes farmers find this a challenge when bugs take over their crops!. To prevent the loss in their harvest, many farmers use certain preventative methods (in the form of chemical pesticides) to stop insects and other animals from eating their crops. However, some of these pesticides don’t always include the best chemicals for our health. Organic farming prevents certain types of pesticides from being used on crops, and instead use organic methods such as native ladybirds, lacewings and wasps that predate pests. This is better for our health and means we don’t ingest chemical pesticides, and neither do our pollinators - such as bees.

There’s a great video and article with Guy Singh-Watson - Chairman of Riverford, about why he chose organic farming here: https://www.riverford.co.uk/ethics-and-ethos/why-organic

Organic Meat

Feeding livestock can be expensive. To fight this, some farmers choose to feed their animals with grains that help them grow slightly faster. Animals raised organically, on the other hand, can only be fed organic food, meaning, food that has no extra “benefits”, they also have better living conditions than non-organic raised livestock.

Outstanding Producers

Here is a list of some of the producers who’ve really taken it to the next level when it comes to organic produce.

Osius Bone Broth

A heartwarming story, this brand was created to help a local nutritionist treating an eight-year-old boy, who was struggling with gut health. Partnering with an organic farmer, they used premium locally-sourced bones and vegetables to create a delicious, gut-healthy broth, simmered for up to 48 hours!

These broths are hearty,nutrient-dense and utterly delicious!

Fellow Creatures Chocolate

Zsolt grew up in a family of dairy farmers in Hungary. After deciding to leave his home town at the age of 18, he chose to become vegan and never looked back. However, one thing was always missing; a rich, creamy chocolate bar. Even though there were plenty of options, those that benefited from free-from ingredients weren’t quite hitting the spot.

“That’s it!” he thought during his ‘eureka moment’. “I’ll create my own chocolate bar. Filled with all the fun, creaminess and flavour I remember from my childhood.” Using organic, dairy-free coconut butter to create his masterpiece, Zsolt proudly launched The Fellow Creatures Chocolate brand.

Tiba Tempeh

During an unforgettable trip to Indonesia, Alex and Ross were served a beautiful local dish “sambal goreng tempeh” (crispy fried tempeh in a spicy sauce), needless to say, they were blown away.
They loved this dish so much that they immediately wanted to learn more about it. After a thorough Google search, they discovered that tempeh is packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It was a no-brainer, they needed to bring this delicacy back home. So they worked under a world-renowned tempeh master and perfected the art of making this superb food.
They are now sharing their newly discovered passion with millions worldwide.

Benchies UK

Peanut enthusiasts, Alex and Karina, were looking for a healthy peanut snack to enjoy with their pint of Guinness at their local pub. Most peanuts are “fatty, cooked in oil at high temperature, just gross,” they thought.

After some heavy research, they prepared their first batch of homemade peanuts. But how did they make them super healthy? They kept them organic, of course!

Now, households around the UK are able to benefit from the health benefits of peanuts with this delicious healthy snack option.

Hello Good Sip

Blended and packed in the UK, this Danish brand sources premium spices and ingredients from around the globe. These are then ground into a powder, allowing the drinks to be easier to make and significantly shorten waiting time for drinks to infuse.

What do they make? So many delicious things!
Chai Blends
Super Latte Blends
Healthy Adaptogens
Hot Chocolates
Organic Japanese Matcha

Human Food

Ky Wright decided to leave animal products and food with high sugar content behind him and make some key dietary and lifestyle changes When looking for plant-based produce to help him have a more nutritionally balanced and complete diet, he soon realised there was a shortage of organic food options and a definite gap in the market.

Guided by some of the world's leading experts in health and nutrition, Human Food was launched in 2018, becoming the world's most funded vegan product of all time! They created a daily nutrition bar specializing in providing a number of vitamins and minerals that those following a vegan or vegetarian diet may struggle to obtain.

Rawr Chocolate

On a warm summer's evening, several years ago, a group of friends were working in a kitchen in Cambridge. While talking about their love for food, the topic of chocolate arose. “Let’s try to find the yummiest raw chocolate the world has ever tasted”, one said, “Yes! And definitely with no naughty sugars and additives” added another, and so their journey of finding the “perfect” chocolate bar began.
Searching far and wide, the group of friends did everything they could to find the perfect chocolate bar, but their journey was amiss, there was no chocolate that was pure in taste, with no sugars and additives.

Defeated, the group returned to their kitchen and contemplated giving up. That’s when it hit them! If they couldn’t find the perfect organic chocolate, they had to make one.

After many nights experimenting with flavours and a few explosions (literally), the group did it! They created the “perfect” chocolate bar. They had no doubt, this had to be shared with the world. The group took to the Cambridge Market and voila an instant hit, turns out they weren’t the only group looking for a healthy alternative to a delicious chocolate bar.

The company now helps those looking for a healthy, organic and nutrient-rich chocolate bar, filled with astounding flavour, smooth and creamy texture and intoxicating flavour.

Better Nature

Driando and Elvira have always enjoyed tempeh back at home in Indonesia, after all, it's an extremely common street food loved by everyone. However, they noticed that there was more to this delicious dish, it wasn’t just yummy, but also rich in proteins, plant-based, and versatile too. It wasn’t until they met Elin, a long-time vegetarian and vegan food enthusiast in the UK that they realised had to bring this product to countries around the world.

This is where their epic journey began, selling something overlooked in Indonesia and turning it into a world-wide wonder, never looking back!

Jake's Boost

Ansje’s favourite activities include hiking, biking,skiing and taking their dog, Jake, on long outdoor walks.
The go-to snack to help them keep energised for their outdoor activities? A creamy spoonful of rich nut-butter. However, finding a nut-butter that was not crammed with additives, sugars and salts was a struggle, and the ones that didn’t have those were just, well...boring.

This is where Jake’s Boost’s “Boost Butters” came to life. A unique, healthy and absolutely delicious source of energy. Made from the best certified organic ingredients, stone-ground with no added sugars, salt or oil. These products are also vegan and gluten-free - amazing!

Choc Chick Raw Chocolates Ltd.

Founder, Galia Orme, has visited numerous cocoa plantations in Ecuador, sourcing the finest and most sustainable options. “We chose the delicious, single-origin “Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma” bean, as it's renowned for its floral and fruity notes.”

It all starts with a beautiful small flower from the cacao tree. The flower grows and blossoms over a period of 3 months, before becoming a pod which is ready to be picked. The seeds are then taken to the collection centre and are placed into fermentation boxes for four days.

Once the beans are dry, they are roasted and compressed, creating a thick and creamy cacao butter, with the rest of the cocoa mass being ground up into a fine powder.

The final result is a wonderful product in the form of “Choc Chick Raw Chocolates!”

Wow, what a selection of incredible producers. It’s always good to learn more about some of our incredible brands and the people behind them, and this bunch of organic heroes deserve all the credit. It’s easy to forget that every brand has a passionate producer behind it seeking to bring something truly unique and delicious to the world.

We recommend giving them all a try, join us in celebrating #OrganicSeptember and helping create a more sustainable food industry!
You can see our full organic range here: https://www.boroughbox.com/organic-food