Okay all you lovely BoroughBox'ers - we finally meet! You may be wondering who the new “gal” on the block is and what on earth she will possibly be able to talk about that will keep your attention for a little while? Well my name is April, but everyone knows me as Pril. Chef Pril. You see I am a BIG foodie and a super passionate chef. And I like to talk. I talk a lot. Too much probably. But seeing as you’re here on the incredible BoroughBox website you clearly love food as much as me so I might actually be of some interest to you. I hope so.

BoroughBox Chef Pril Preparing Food

When I was 15 I walked into a kitchen for the first time and by the time I was 16 I was working as a Saturday girl. I didn’t always want to be a chef, which comes as a surprise to many, but after deciding to spend two weeks in a kitchen “for a laugh and to learn a new skill” at the age of 15 for my work experience I instantly gained a pure love for the craft and industry. I guess you could call it a light bulb moment. At that moment I realised that cooking was super rad, and something I wanted to be able to do. Really well. Now I'm not going to bore you with my life story… let's fast forward 5 years to where I am now. A 21 year old chef who has had a brilliant, albeit incredibly tough, few years working as a chef in top restaurants in London - working under incredibly talented chefs to try and make it. But I decided this year I'm going to take a slightly different approach. I'm going to travel the world stage with chefs that I admire and do lots of free work to really broaden my knowledge of food and become that bit better. So if you're stil reading, now we are getting to the good bit. I want you to join me on my travels and I'll tell you all about whats happening in the wonderful world of food, whether it's stories of my adventures, tips on places to check out and eat, or pictures, videos and recipies inspired by my travels! So here we go…..

South Africa. The first place I visited this year on my travels. I flew over to Plettenberg Bay for a friends wedding (she's a chef too for her sins). What a country! If you've been there you’ll know its beautiful, but my gosh, the food was bloody marvellous!! We were in Plettenberg Bay for Chelsea and Alex’s wedding and it was epic. Really magical. On the beach. Very quirky. Perfect.  One of the things that blew my mind was on the morning of the wedding. As I strolled down to the beach to help with the last touches to the tent I noticed all the guys by the rocks fishing. I walked over (curious as ever) to see they had caught a HUGE fish! Apparently Tinks (Chelsea's Dad) is famous for catching these. Check out the pics - they are called “Black Muscle Crackers”!!! Now Muscle Crackers are massive things with teeth just like humans. Very strange!

Muscle Cracker Fish

 Muscle Cracker Fish Held 

We filleted through its leather like skin the following day and ate it on the Braai (a typical south African bbq). Absolutely delicious. The smokey flavour from the braai was amazing. If you want to try cooking fish like this at home and you don’t have a BBQ (or the weather obviously!) you can burn some wood chips over a fire in a sieve till its flaming then put the sieve in the bottom of the oven you're cooking your fish in and it will gently smoke the fish! Delish! It would work really well with Grey Mullet and Pollock!

So Ill wrap that up for today and tell you about more of my travels next time! But before I go one  of my best friends (Antonia Morosi) has a youtube channel called “Grub Garden” which you should all totally check out! Every Thursday she puts up a new video on how to make easy, healthy dishes, and this week it just happens to be a collaboration with me! We are making “ Healthy Fish Taco’s”. Simple and delicious!

You can get most of the ingredients from Borough Market including fanastic fish from Paul’s (the fisherman who is ALWAYS singing ) stall “Sussex Fresh Fish”. Enjoy and see you next week for more foodie talk!

Chef Pril x