National Butchers' Week will be urging consumers to turn to the experts for their meat with the message that #butcherisbetter.

Cumbrian Speciality Meats from London's Borough Market are one of many Independent retailers throughout who took part in the week, which ran from 23-29 March. Shoppers were reminded that butchers remain the number one choice for range, service and convenience when it comes to purchasing meat.

Ed Bedington, editor of Meat Trades Journal, which organises and promotes the week, said: "The focus on independent retail and particularly butchers continues to grow as consumers look for increasing assurance and the personal touch of dealing with shorter supply chains".

Jared Green, the butcher at Cumbrian Speciality Meats said "I think people should try the less popular cuts of meat like the various shoulder cuts. The shoulder of any animal is my favourite cut because it has so much flavour and is incredibly versatile in cooking. The shoulder has more fat, which contains more flavour and sinews which break down in long-cooking. The flat iron is best cooked medium-rare to medium in a hot pan, but you treat the feather blade completely differently, it can be cut differently and braised for four to five hours. The end product will be amazingly tender and flavoursome, more so than any fillet steak.

I love the fact that you can get two such different cuts from the same joint. It just shows you how much there is to discover when you look at the lesser known cuts".

Top tip: If you don’t see the cut you want, just ask the butcher. If they don’t have it that day they will be happy to get in for you.

Find Cumbrian Speciality Meats on the BoroughBox marketplace for a growing range of online products to match the super range of rare breed meats available at their Borough Market stall.