We’re all tired of being locked indoors with nothing to do - we’ve caught up on our favourite TV shows, basked in the sunshine in our gardens, and now we’re most definitely starting to get short of ideas of how to fill the time. Fear not, if you’re looking for ‘at-home inspiration’, here are some top BoroughBox suggestions:



Trying something new doesn't just mean languages and crafts. Food counts too! Ok so we admit it, we love snacking at BoroughBox! Whether it’s when we’re watching TV, waiting for meals, in between meals, with drinks…honestly, snacks are great no matter what time of day it is! We’ve all got that one snack that we’ve got a soft spot for. A comfort snack, you could say. 

Why not use lockdown as the time to find yourself a new favourite snack? You can explore different flavours or even healthier versions of your favourite nibbles.

If you’re looking for healthy snacks - our Gluten Free Snack Box provides the perfect balance between taste and health. Yes, we might be slightly biased here, but…this snack box has it all. From sweet to salty, crisps, nuts, cookies, chocolate, anything you’ve found yourself snacking on during any critically acclaimed movie marathon.

gf snacks

If you enjoy something a little more meaty or protein filled, while you try to get your summer body while indoors, the Gym Snack Box is filled with delicious substitutes.



2. Pub Nights In

Just because the pubs are closed, it doesn’t mean you can't have the full experience at home. Did you know ‘Pub Nights In’ are the new ‘Pub Nights Out’? Ok maybe not quite, but they’re a good excuse to enjoy a favourite tipple, meet your friends on video call, and chill out in the comfort of your own home. Queuing at bars is overrated anyway, right?!

A pub night in could be the perfect opportunity to try out new drinks. Sample that colourful cocktail you saw on TV or that one drink your favourite character always finds themselves ordering. (Shaken, not stirred?!)

mount gay

We've got a superb range of at-home cocktail kits, as well as lots of other delicious drinks. If cocktails aren't up your alley, a perfect combination of beers and pub snacks are always a welcome addition to a relaxing evening at home. But instead of getting yourself your regular tipple, try new flavours and brands. Craft beer producers pride themselves on the unique tastes and techniques used, not something to miss out on. 

beer bucket

3.Get Cooking! 

Yes, we all love snacking, but nothing beats a delicious 3-course meal at home. So if you've been shy of the kitchen before, perhaps now is the time to fall in love with cooking, and get experimental! 

 Open up your fridge, storm your cupboards and make a list of everything you have lying around. Once you’ve done that, look for ideas and recipes that include the ingredients you have. There are lots of quick replacements you can make. No self-raising flour? Just add baking soda to normal flour. No basil for homemade pesto? Use carrot tops! 

Let your creative juices flow as you experiment with new recipes! Add a pinch of salt here, some chopped garlic there or combine different sides together, maximising the taste of any meal. 

Need inspiration for what to cook? How about an Indian curry cooking kit, a vegetarian curry kit or even American BBQ rubs? All to add that incredible taste we love. And trust us, there is no better feeling than cooking yourself a meal that tastes absolutely divine. 

curry kit

Online cooking classes aren’t just about learning new techniques and recipes, they also allow you to perfect your household favourites! If you love yourself a Sunday roast, why not add to it? Learn new delicious ways of roasting your potatoes, new seasoning and spices for your meats or even a rogue side you’ve never thought about before, yes, I'm talking about you fried sprouts.

Maybe spice up your lasagne by adding a whole new layer of fried aubergine to the mix, it might sound weird when you read it but will taste delicious when it is done. The important thing here is to not be afraid, we might face some miss matching in flavours or an odd burnt dish here and there but don’t let that stop or discourage you.

Why not try and make one of your favourite foods from scratch, such as cheese, sausages, or bacon? We have plenty of DIY food kits on BoroughBox such as this cheese kit.

cheese kit

4. Gardening

When we are lucky enough to be blessed with a sunny day, we love to make the most out of it, be it sitting outside in the garden, lighting the barbecue, or popping a bottle of bubbly. If you’re lucky enough to have yourself a garden, make sure you take full advantage of it. 

Grow your own fruits and vegetables! Get the most out of your space. Not only will you save some money by not having to buy them every time you go to the shop, you’ll have the bragging rights of doing so too.  We’re a fan of tips from Alan Titchmarsh's tips - such as this guide to growing tomatoes.

If your space is limited, or you want to add some more life to your garden, planting herbs and hardy flowers such as lavender is the way to go. The bees love it, and you’ll bring your garden to life with beautiful colours, wildlife and smells, making every trip to the garden feel special. 


5. Dance and exercise

Gyms are all shut so finding yourself a local class where you can keep yourself in shape might be slightly harder now, but don’t let this discourage you - there are so many online options to choose from. Blast your tunes, let the rhythm flow, have some fun jumping around your living room, and burn some energy. 

If you want to take it to the next level, why not join an online course - whether it's yoga, ballroom dancing, or something even more niche. Some of our BoroughBox team are big fans of keeping fit doing HIIT with Joe Wicks.


6. Games

Time to get competitive! Whether it’s classic board games, video games, or even an online quiz, games are a great way to exercise your mind, and have fun at the same time.

We’ve put together this special Family Games Night box (the perfect combo of snacks and games!) for you to enjoy.

family games

7. Other Ideas

The list of things you can do at home are endless. Here are some other ideas that came from our team:

- Learn a language

- Listen to podcasts 

- Get rid of stuff - have a big spring clean! 

- Fix broken things that you've never got round to fixing

- Read book genres you've never read before

- Learn woodwork or pottery

- Start ordering and wrapping Christmas presents early (ok perhaps this is a step too far!)

- Do some interior decorating 

- Embrace your childhood and watch your favourite childhood movies

- Have a video call with a friend you haven't spoken to for a long time


So whether you're cooking, dancing, or cooking and dancing at the same time, see the best of lockdown. This time won't last forever. Before we know it, all the pubs, bars, gyms, cinemas, and restaurants will be open again so embrace time at home, enjoy your lockdown nights in, and most importantly, try something new!