In case you didn’t know - we’ve been embracing Scottish culinary delicacies here at BoroughBox with a whole week dedicated to our  Scottish producers and their stories.

From Edinburgh whisky producers, to handmade (and incredibly moreish) shortbread and oatcakes - we hope this guide inspires you to try some of our excellent Scottish produce.

The Travelling Bee Company

The Travelling Bee Company sells a wide range of exciting bee-related products, from bee pollen to wildflower honey, to propolis, bee bread, lip balms, and beeswax candles. If you feel like treating yourself - check out this incredible hamper.

If you’re wondering how the company started - it all began with Mark, the main beekeeper, who grew up with a love for the great outdoors. From a young age Mark was fascinated with all aspects of wildlife, from the insects below our feet to the lush forests surrounding us.

As he grew older, his knowledge of the countryside and insects developed, sparking a love for bees and beekeeping. Mark went to university to study insects and his first adventure as a beekeeper was in the beautiful urban fringes of Tyne and Northumberland. He then moved westwards to  Scotland where his bees had much more space to fly freely and dense vegetation to pollinate.

Here, all bees are kept in excellent quality hives - imagine 5-star hotels for bees!

The large colonies and seamingly endless flower fields allow the bees to produce a generous amount of honey that can be turned into numerous products such as propolis, delicious honey,  soap, and even an organic lip balm!

As the number of bees around the globe spiralled into decline, Mark took it on as a mission to educate people in his community.  Providing video seminars where they explain the harms of modern pesticides, farming techniques and deforestation on bee habitats, providing great tips for us all to help save these incredible insects.

Highlanders -Your Piece Baking Co.

Three words: handmade with love.

A Scottish tradition as old as time, Your Piece Baking Co. uses traditional techniques to make their delicious oatcakes, shortbreads, and sweet treats.

No machinery in sight - these beauties are hand-rolled using the humble rolling pin, and baked with care to create a world-class product that’s gained a loyal following in Scotland and beyond.

All their oats come from farms in Fife, and they never use any preservatives or artificial additives.
Your Piece Baking Co. are on a mission: To bring to the world real handmade Scottish baked goods.

Over the years, these recipes have been tirelessly tested and perfected. Creating a breathtaking shortbread, crisp and crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside - no artificial flavours or preservatives; what else could you want!

Benchies UK

Peanut enthusiasts, Alex and Karina, were looking for a healthy peanut snack to enjoy with their pint of Guinness at their local pub. While there are numerous snacks to be enjoyed with your favourite beer, none are quite as satisfying as lightly salted peanuts.

Unfortunately, many peanuts served at pubs and local supermarkets are unhealthy, being cooked in fatty oils and drenched in salt - a no-go!

“There must be a healthy, yet delicious alternative”, they thought, and after some heavy research, Alex and Karina prepared their first batch of healthy, homemade peanuts.
The verdict? An instant success! The secret? Keeping it organic. No added flavours, preservatives or anything that isn't organic, only the purest ingredients and no fatty oils, easy right?

Now, households around the UK are able to benefit from the health benefits of peanuts with this delicious healthy snack option.
Oh, and why ‘Benchies’ you may ask? “Well, we love to visit different pubs around the UK and the most common seat you can find at the pub is a wooden bench.” Simple!

Gleann Mór Spirits

We couldn't celebrate Scottish Week without one of Scotland's greatest creations, whisky!

Scotland was, and still is, the whisky capital of the world, but did you know that Leith was once the heart of the Edinburgh Whisky District? With over 100 warehouses, Leith was a true whisky lover's paradise in the 1800s, boasting the world’s largest collection of whisky, including forefathers of many popular brands loved today.

As the world developed, whisky licences became easier to obtain. This, and a rise in new and affordable spirits  worldwide caused Leith's legacy to vanish - until now.
This brilliant producer - Gleann Mór Spirits - has one simple mission, put Whisky Row back on the map!

By “resurrecting exquisite flavours from a bygone era” and combining forces with unique and passionate producers, a new chapter begins in the Scottish whisky world. One where unique and delicious flavours can shine, and the past can be used to inspire never seen (or tasted) products - you could call it “history in a bottle!”

Gordon Castle Scotland

Angus and Zara are direct descendants of the Duke of Gordon, making them proud heirs of the Gordon Castle Estate, one of Scotland’s largest and oldest Walled Gardens!

With a beautiful and luscious garden, this exclusive Scottish brand was launched in 2014, producing a luxurious range of beauty, lifestyle products and premium gins.

All of their beauty, food and alcoholic products contain organic herbs, flowers and fruit grown in this iconic Walled Garden - crafted to capture the essence and warmth of the historic landmark. Utilising natural essential oils, herbs and fruits; these products contain no artificial fragrances, colours, petrochemicals and are never tested on animals!

Our recommendation? Their outstanding, award-winning Gordon Castle Gin - “Supremely aromatic with a clean, crisp finish”

So that’s it - an incredible selection of Scottish producers to tantalise your tastebuds!  We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about thee outstanding work these producers have contributed to their communities in order to ensure their Scottish heritage isn’t forgotten.; If there are any other Scottish producers you think we should know about, be sure to let us know on social.