Holy Lama - A Mouthfull of Flavour, One Drop At A Time

A conversation with Gouri, from Holy Lama

We love shouting about our marketplace sellers and this summer we want you to meet the makers. We asked Gouri, from Holy Lama about her Spice Drops and their uncanny ability to transform your cooking! Read on to find out about her inspiration and proudest moments.

What are Spice Drops

Holy Lama Spice Drops® are a range of natural, highly concentrated extracts of herbs and spices which can transform any recipe instantly with authentic taste and aroma with just a drop or two.

Made from the highest quality raw ingredients, they contain nothing artificial, have no extra sugar, salt or alcohol added and are gluten-free and vegan. There’s no need to worry about grating, grinding, peeling or chopping the raw ingredient and there’s no waste, what’s more the extraction process retains all the natural goodness of the fresh ingredient.

Tell us about your story - what was the inspiration?

Growing up in India I learned to cook with spices from an early age.  They can transform a dish adding interest and excitement to the blandest of meals.  Many have traditional uses and benefits that add colourful stories bringing them even more to life.  

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I can understand that for cultures that have not grown up using certain spices it might be a little frightening to start to cook with them.  I would like to think that Spice Drops® are a simple and convenient way for even the most amateur chef to introduce spices to their cooking and just have fun experimenting with them.  Because Spice Drops® are so concentrated they retain their flavour, even two years after opening, which means that people really do get the genuine taste and aroma of the herb or spice.  To make it even easier we have a recipe on every box to show how that Spice Drops® variant can be used and exactly how many drops need to be added.  I’m determined to get everyone cooking with spices confidently!”

What was your proudest moment as a business leader? 

As the head of a small business, I don’t think I give myself time to be proud or enjoy my successes because I have so much going on.  I’ve decided this needs to change and I must try to enjoy the moment more when things go well.

Despite COVID-19 the business has grown with online sales really taking off and more and more chefs are recommending our Spice Drops® - I think Nigella giving us an endorsement was perhaps one of my proudest moments and seeing the winner of the 2019 Bake Off, David Atherton using our Lemon Spice Drops® in the final!

I also find it very gratifying when other businesses ask me for advice and guidance – clearly, they must think I’m doing something right!

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Our independent suppliers are the movers, shakers, creators, and bakers who define the food and drink of today and the future. They are the crazy pioneers and innovators who answer all the consumer questions first such as values, ethics, environment, quality, and provenance. Gouri is a perfect example of a maker we’re proud to work with.

Check out her BoroughBox Shop here!

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