As the end of summer approaches, it’s time for our biggest sale of the year so far! Be quick though - it’s for a limited time only! This is a chance for you to get your hands on some of our incredible artisan produce with huge savings.
It’s also a great way to help us combat food waste, as it’s a time of year when products are discontinued or moving closer to their best before date.

We wanted to give a shout-out to some of our incredible producers featured in the sale and to tell you more about their  inspiring stories and products we love.

Moons Green Charcuterie

It all started when John Doig, a kiwi (New Zealander), came to England to explore the British charcuterie movement. He was excited by the prospect of exploring new and inventive flavours and made it his mission  to create the best pork in the world! We love that sort of ambition!

John’s porky pursuits began with chorizo experimentation in his garage at Moons Green in Kentish Weald. It took a few years but hehe finally perfected his recipe! Next - it was time to find a great business partner!  John teamed up with Ian Jones, a local farmer, butcher and one-time county cricketer and the rest is history!

They now lead the new British charcuterie movement with their incredible array of fabulous saucissons, bacon, hams and unique british cured meat.

In The Sale:

Beer Sticks

One of Moons Green’s first inventions, these saucissons were in fact a nostalgia project! John attempted to recreate a meat stick he enjoyed at his favourite bar in Paris over 40 years ago!

A perfect snack to enjoy with a cold beer - a heavenly mix of herbs and spices with a slight chilli kick. In fact, the best way of enjoying this is with both hands. A glass of beer in one and a delicious beer stick in the other!

Mount Mayon Pili Nuts

Co-founders James and Steve Costello stumbled upon these incredible Philippine delicacies nearly 15 years ago. Looking for new and exciting ingredients for their energy bar business, James and Steve took a trip to the beautiful rainforests around the Mount Mayon volcano.

There, they met with a local farmer, who introduced them to the famous pili nuts. Needless to say, they loved it. However, it wasn't until they took some raw nuts back home to experiment with flavouring, pre-sprouting and dehydrating that the real wow-factor was discovered.

Excited with their new discovery, the brothers contacted the Philippines Agriculture Department to arrange a visit to an experimental pili nut growing site where they could continue their research.

“The pili’s addictive buttery flavour was so enhanced by the processes the brothers developed over the coming years, that it was barely recognisable as the same street food snack they had tried the first time.”

They continued to develop their techniques, experimenting with delicious flavours and winning countless Great Taste Awards to this day.

In The Sale:

Kyoto Matcha

Delectable pouch of Pili nuts coated with Kyoto matcha made from the tender young leaf tips of shade-grown tea plants cultivated in Central Japan.
Ecuadorian Cacao
The face of Pili nuts, the first and (in our opinion) best flavour perfected by the brothers, the addictive buttery nuts are coated with Ecuadorian cacao and coconut flower sugar.

Serious Pig

Their journey began in a place we are all too familiar with, our local pub. In this case, a beer garden in NW5, where founders George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw posed the question:: “What would be the perfect snack to accompany our drinks?”

After contemplating for a few minutes, they came to the following conclusion: “It had to be delicious and be able to complement the fine beverages they were enjoying”. This snack also had to “provide real sustenance to power through their late dinners.”

After experimenting and taste-testing numerous crisps, nuts and scratchings, George and Johnnycame to a conclusion. They needed something more “serious”, giving birth to their idea of a “Posh Peperami''. A peperami that could only be made from the highest quality british charcuterie. Satisfying, rich in flavour and healthier than most pub snacks.
And so, the very next day, Serious Pig was born!

In The Sale:

Chilli & Paprika Snacking Salami

Authentic British salami prepared with piquant chilli and smoked paprika, providing a sharp deep, rich flavour.

Cornish Sea Salted Almond

Rich, creamy and super crunchy roasted almonds,  lightly dusted with moreish Cornish sea salt.

Gregory's Tree

Founder Richard Moore, a snack lover, couldn't find a snack that was healthy and great tasting with the added benefit of providing a  long-lasting energy boost too. Everywhere he looked, he’d find snacks containing figs, cereals or nuts - not quite what he was looking for.

He was in search of an energy-boosting snack with  all the flavours and goodness of fruits,  yet without any preservatives or high amounts of sugar. Not able to find anything that ticked the boxes, there was only one solution...he had to create a product himself!

In The Sale:

Gregory's Tree Double Fruit Twists

This blueberry & raspberry twist bar bursts with fruit flavour. It’s made of pure organic fruit  that is gently heated, pulped and twisted into a delicious snack. The best part? There are no added sugars - “They just taste naturally great!”

Cleaver & Keg

“What publican wouldn’t be happy to see his punters’ thirst slaked by a fine beer?” wondered Danny, founder of Cleaver & Keg, while enjoying a pint in his local pub. Danny always thought there was something missing from everyday pub snacks. “The modern pub drinker wasn’t getting a snack that complemented their complex brews.”

After meeting with his friend Sean, a fellow schoolmate charcuterist, the friends came to a simple conclusion: “Meat needs beer and beer needs meat”. They decided it was time to take matters into their own hands and create the perfect pub snack!

Created from the finest British meat, these snacks come ready to be paired with pints that deserve them. “Salt cured, air-dried, richly-spiced meaty morsels, doing more to set off your pint and tastebuds than a crisp, scratching or peanut ever could.”

In The Sale:

Hot Strips O'Beef

Hot and spicy slivers of British beef; high in protein and super nutritious. The perfect meat snack to pair with a well-hopped and decent strength IPA or even a sour beer.


Anthony and Chris were keen sportsmen looking for a clean, healthy wholefood bar that could be eaten on the go or after exercising. After rigorous taste testing, they couldn't find a bar with low sugars and preservatives that met their standards. So they decided to set themselves a new challenge - create their own snack bar!

Having traveled to Southeast Asia, Anthony saw the destruction of the Malaysian rainforest first-hand. Adamant not to have palm oil in their bars in the hopes of fighting against the deforestation, coconut oil became their key ingredient. They created a healthier, tastier and more environmentally-friendly alternative with fresh fruits and absolutely nothing artificial, unhealthy or fake -only the purest of ingredients and flavours.

In The Sale:

Blueberries & Chia Seeds Fruit Bar

A soft & chewy fruit bar with cacao, coconut & chia seeds - a truly delicious snack that’s vegan-friendly too.

Olly's Olives

Olly has been an olive fanatic since a young age, in fact his childhood nickname was “Olive Bean”… some might even say this was his destiny!

Enthusiastic about  trying out different flavours of olives on the market, Olly continuously found himself feeling the same way; underwhelmed. Tired of this, Olly took the olive world into his own hands. He experimented with marinating olives in classic flavours as well as funky combinations, giving birth to Olly’s Olives!

The first batch of olives were an instant success at his local farmers’ market. As the company grew, Olly found himself looking for olive producers to help his ever-growing business.

His journey took him to Greece, where he met a team of extraordinary olive farmers who quickly fell in love with the idea. Olly also brought on his brother Sam and dear friend Ying Dee, ready to take on the olive world!

In The Sale:

Chilli & Rosemary Snack Pouch

A selection of delicious juicy green Halkidiki olives marinated in a mouth watering blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, spicy red chilli and the perfect sprinkle of rosemary.

Joe & Seph's Popcorn

During his regular trips to the USA, Joe’s love for popcorn grew, and he found himself returning each time with flavoured popcorn as gifts for friends and family.
He quickly realised there was nothing quite like that in the UK. “Could I make my own flavoured popcorn?” he wondered.
There was only one way to find out! Joe began by air-popping corn and coating it in a smooth caramel rather than the standard British way of popping it in an oil and sugar mix.

By using 100% natural ingredients and a unique "flavour-sequencing" process, the texture and flavour would always be long-lasting.

After many burnt pans, small explosions, and numerous late night tasting sessions, Joe took his popcorn to a food show in 2010 where he sold out in just two days!

In The Sale:

Caramel & Belgium Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn

Air-popped popcorn coated by hand with a smooth caramel and Belgian milk chocolate made with 31% cocoa solids.

What a fantastic selection!
These are only a small peak of the incredible flavours, producers and delicious treats we are featuring in our End of Summer Sale this month. Make sure to check out and treat yourself or a loved one to something spectacular!