The Emissary Prosecco: Vegan and Sustainably Produced

The Emissary Prosecco: Vegan and Sustainably Produced

At BoroughBox, we’re always looking for the most innovative and exciting emerging brands from across the food and drink world. It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for prosecco. A bottle of fun fizz and thrill, bubbly never lets us down. So, when we hear about a brand like The Emissary, we jump on any excuse to feature them. Vegan and sustainably produced in a small village near Venice, read on and find out how exactly The Emissary creates the perfect prosecco.

Stocked in esteemed restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars & clubs across the UK, The Emissary was founded in 2018 by London-based Ed Smith, an entrepreneur with an ongoing mission to search for unforgettable and innovative vegan proseccos. The Emissary Prosecco DOC Treviso Spumante Extra-Brut, The Emissary Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG and their newest product, The Emissary Prosecco DOC Rosé Treviso Millesimato 2020 come in an instantly recognisable, heavy glass bottle, with statement, distinctive branding.


Meet the Founder

Frustrated by the lack of availability of premium prosecco in the UK, Ed aka The Emissary, set forth on his quest to shift consumer perception and reposition prosecco as the premium product that it is – sharing the same dedication to technique, quality and heritage as its French cousin. He noticed the absence of any distinctive brand label that, unlike in the rosé and Champagne sectors, commanded instant recognition, acclaim and attention. The idea for The Emissary was born. 

Ed Smith Emissary Prosecco on BoroughBoxEd Smith Emissary Prosecco on BoroughBox

Mindful of the increasingly discerning consumer and the importance of the provenance, Ed maintains first-hand involvement in the creation process – down to the bottle design and the innovation of new products.

The Process

Emissary Prosecco Vineyard on BoroughBoxEmissary Prosecco Vineyard on BoroughBox

The Emissary is produced on a family-run vineyard near the village of Cornuda in Veneto, Italy, using traditional production methods and expertise passed down for three generations. The Emissary proseccos are created using environmentally friendly techniques and are 100% vegan, low in sugar and of premium quality. An integrated chemical and herbicide-free production system includes the use of natural and mineral fertilizers, low environmental impact treatments and high technology machines. Energy and water waste is kept to a minimum and re-used in the vineyards to preserve biodiversity.

You, our BoroughBox faithful, are precisely the discerning customer that Ed and his team have created this sublime prosecco for. Whether as a gift, a treat for the folks or a little reward for yourself, you simply can’t go wrong with The Emissary prosecco. Sparkling and sophisticated.


Emissary Prosecco on BoroughBoxEmissary Prosecco on BoroughBox

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