Easter at BoroughBox: Top Picks For Chocoholics

Easter at BoroughBox: Top Picks For Chocoholics

With Easter upon us, our thoughts turn to chocolate. A luxurious treat… or a fundamental need? We’d definitely lean toward the latter!  It’s blessed with that pick-me-up power. Whenever we’re in a bad mood - some of us instinctively turn to chocolate. Ever wondered why this is? Cocoa is rich in plant nutrients called ‘flavonoids’ which have antioxidant qualities. Amazingly, research has also shown that chocolate can positively influence our mood. 

Chocolate… good for us? Better get as much as possible for Easter then eh?

Whether you’re a fan of tempting truffles, dairy-free decadence or something dark and indulgent, BoroughBox really does have it all.

Check out our lowdown on some of our favourite chocolate producers.

Where do we begin? Love Cocoa are experts when it comes to flavour combinations that ‘just work’. For a chocolate that’s smooth, creamy, and dark, be sure to check out the Avocado 71% Dark Chocolate. Those who love an after-dinner palate cleanser will enjoy the English Mint 71% Organic, and for something a little bit special - how about truffles? (These come in Raspberry Champagne, Salted Caramel, and Pin Gin flavours).

Love Cocoa at Easter with BoroughBoxLove Cocoa at Easter with BoroughBox

Ask anyone to name a chocolate brand - and the name ‘Cadbury’ will likely come up. It began as a family business started by ‘John Cadbury’ and now the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury has his own chocolate brand. James Cadbury started Love Cocoa in 2016, as a way to re-ignite the ethical foundations that his ancestors started, and of course, to create incredible world-class chocolate.

We love James’ passion and determination to make chocolate that’s loved by ‘the planet and its people’. In fact, in 2020, Love Cocoa planted 500k trees to fight against climate change (one tree for every bar sold).

If your tummy is already crying out for chocolate, you can find Love Cocoa’s collection of choc here!

Founded as a testament to afternoon tea, The Sweet Reason is one of our best excuses to indulge in chocolatey heaven this Easter. An absolute afternoon tea fiend, Suzie founded The Sweet Reason in 2014, with the aim to bring her baked and choccy bliss to market. In her words:

“Sweet Reason was going to be sharing this experience I love, with others. I couldn’t think of anything better than sitting down and relaxing with a cup of tea and something sweet. The feel good factor that it brings is so comforting.”

Sweet Reason Company EasterSweet Reason Company Easter
Sweet Reason Company EasterSweet Reason Company Easter

During the initial coronavirus lockdown, Suzie and her team created special Thank You Health Care Hero Treat Boxes for busy hospital teams and they were a total hit! We’re glad to shout about any chocolate that does good! Especially when it’s baked into delicious Easter brownies.

Want to get down to feasting on chocolate galore? Discover your sweet dreams here!

Raw, plant-based, and ethically-sourced chocolate that has ‘shine, snap, and smoothness’ in every bite. It’s a great way for dairy chocolate lovers to try their favourite traditional flavours in a plant-based form - trust us, you’ll be amazed. From Dark & Orange delight, to moreish Mylk and Salted Caramel, Raw Halo certainly lives up to its name.

Raw Halo Easter ChocolateRaw Halo Easter Chocolate

Founder Meg was a huge chocolate lover, but in 2012, she decided to reduce the sugar in her diet. Not wanting to give up on her favourite treat, she had a simple wish: “I wanted to pick up a chocolate bar, count the ingredients on one hand, understand all of them, and for the chocolate to taste delicious.” Unable to find anyone that ticked these boxes, she decided to start up Raw Halo in 2014 in her home kitchen. After success in local organic stores, the company quickly expanded. Needing extra help, her partner Jonathan soon joined the team, and the rest is history.

Sourcing of the finest organic ingredients is of the utmost importance to Meg. The rich and fruity cacao is ethically sourced and fairly traded from small farms in Peru. Meg and her team have opened our world to the amazingness of vegan chocolate. Their bars have sustainable packaging and they plant a tree for every 50 bars sold!

Craving a dairy-free alternative? With no sacrifices on flavour or texture, even non-vegan chocoholics can get in on this one. Find it all here!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll through the chocolate Easter garden here at BoroughBox. Guaranteed to tantalise the taste buds and cheer us up whenever we’re feeling low, we all just need a touch more chocolate in our lives right now.

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