Yes BoroughBoxers... we are running our amazing giveaway until the end of the year... and it is a STONKING great prize.  Check out the picture below and if you can't be bothered with the article, just click here, join the newsletter and you'll be entered!  It's that simple!  This is the prize that keeps on giving and it comes with three exceptional elements... in no particular order, this amazing prize includes:

First off, we are talking about a £500 custom BoroughBox that is absolutely packed to the rafters with amazing artisan produce from a number of our favourite suppliers... everything from Mustards and Chutneys to Juices and Vinegars, this is a food bundle to start your new year with a bang! Secondly, as if £500 of incredible goodies is not enough... we have an amazing rare breed meats selection from our preferred BoroughBox butchery, Cumbrian Speciality Meats. Cumbrian Speciality Meats is a BoroughBox vendor that is truly dedicated to rare breed meat and heritage produce. They love foods which are specialists in their field - if you'll pardon the pun - ethically farmed and incredibly tasty. Some of the core rare breeds on the Cumbrian Speciality Meats farm in Cumbria include Galloway, Dexter, Longhorn and Shorthorn Cattle making up the beef selection.  Then there are Saddleback Pigs and they are also now proud to offer Herdwick Sheep.  

This incredible produce is of course available to order online through the BoroughBox site and Cumbrian Speciality Meats also have a very popular stall within Borough Market itself.  The guys at Cumbrian Speciality Meats consider themselves to be truly fortunate to work alongside other such committed foodie specialists. So that's the second part of this UBER prize and if you win this and have never sampled the likes of Galloway Beef, Herdwick Lamb or Saddleback Pork then we consider you lucky – for you’re about to discover flavour, texture and superb quality the likes of which is hard to match... andd if you win, it's even FREE! The final part of our spectacular year end giveaway?  Well it's an onsite bread making and baking class based within Borough Market itself.  We've been lucky enough for the guys at Bread Ahead Bakery School to contribute a place at one of their amazing baking classes. The class will take place in the Bread Ahead, new purpose built bakery school, slap bang at the heart of Borough Market and it is the ideal place to experience artisan baking, first hand. Whether you see yourself as a bit of a Paul Hollywood or you're just a beginner, the truly world class expert bakers at Bread Ahead will be able to offer you something new and they want everyone that attends to experience that tingle of excitement (and the smell) of your own freshly cooked bread. So what the devil are you waiting for???  We'll even give you TWO chances to win... you can get one entry to the draw when you sign up to the BoroughBox Newsletter here and then you can DOUBLE your chance of winning by following us on twitter and retweeting one of our tweets... that's it!  So what are you waiting for... get out your shamrock, rabbit foot and lucky chinese cat and join the newsletter and follow us on Twitter. We really think this is a SPECIAL prize, so good luck to EVERYBODY!!