Christmas Guide for Gin Lovers

Christmas is a time for compassion, generosity, community… and getting a little bit tipsy! What better way to end 2020 than with craft gin and artisanal tonics? Treat the gin lover in your life to a truly special G&T this Christmas with one (or more) of our (g)inspiring selections!

Try Something New!

Experimental Gin and Tonic Gift Hamper

Try something new with Copper in the Clouds’ Flower Bomb gin. Crafted to tell the story of British spring time, this sumptuous tipple is packed full of flower power.  Chamomile and bitter orange blossom give depth and length. Rose, lavender and jasmine provide complex floral flavours and the heather flowers, calendula and violet offer wonderfully delicate top notes. If you’re looking for a gift to impress and intrigue, you’ve found it.

Tarquin's Gin and Tonic Gift Set

Lovingly crafted using locally foraged ingredients on the wild Cornish coast, experience Tarquin’s crisp, piney notes. This spectacular gin is fused with juniper and balanced with fresh citrus to give it a  bright floral finish. Try it with red grapefruit and a sprig of thyme for an authentic South Coast experience!

Elevate your Gin and Tonic (Just add gin!)

Ever fancied yourself a bit of an alchemist? Always wanted to garnish your G&Ts with special rose petals or pink peppercorns? (Everything would be better with pink peppercorns). We’ve certainly had dreams of cocktail grandeur so we’ve curated this delightfully customisable number just for you! Take your gin experience to the next level with this gift of tonics, snacks and garnishes… just add gin!

Get Festive!

Premium Gin Advent Calendar 

Perhaps you think you know your gins? Maybe you do… but we’d wager you haven’t tried most of the sensations hidden behind each of these 24 doors. Listen, we won’t blame you for cheating with this calendar… in fact, it may be worth getting more than one, because with a dash of tonic, every day of December is going to be bloody delicious. From raspberry and honey, to a navy-strength kicker, these aren’t your regular gins. Get gin it to win it!

Be Ginspired!

Gin Martini Cocktail Gift Box

With the signature olive garnish, there's no cocktail as iconic as this one. This gin martini recipe is simple, sophisticated and delicious.

The classic dry gin martini is the world's most famous cocktail. Though many "martinis" have been created, there is only one true martini, and few drinks can beat this simple recipe. The flavour is a botanical bouquet with a dry profile that you can customize to your taste.

Story: While there were many different cocktails circulating under the name ‘Martini’ in the 1890s, the first thing that looks remotely like today’s Martini was the recipe for a ‘Marguerite’. This recipe featured in the 1904 book “Stuart’s Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them” and listed two parts Plymouth (dry) gin, one part French (dry) vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters.


- Vermouth.

- Gin.

- Ice.

- Green olive or lemon rind for garnish.

1. Add 1 part vermouth to 5 parts gin into a shaker or mixing glass (depending on whether you want shaken or stirred) filled with ice.
2. Shake (or stir) well.
3. Strain into the chilled cocktail glass and garnish with either a twist of lemon peel or some green olives. If you’re using olives, try to use ones that aren’t oily.

Recipe here.

Ultimate London Gin Experience Gift Box

The Ultimate London Gin Experience Gift Box contains all things London: a large Jensen's Gin - distilled in Bermondsey, Square Root’s Tonic Water and Soda - handmade in Hackney. Not only that, but this ultimate gift comes with a selection of London gin snacks: from popcorn to olives, we’ve got you covered. This all comes with a cocktail shaker and a beautiful gin tumbler too! I mean… Why are you even still reading this?!

Non-Alcoholic Gin Gift

Sea Arch Coastal Juniper is a sophisticated, calorie free, distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of the glorious stretch of Devon coastline where they live, Wine Bar owners Sarah & Geoff Yates have created a delicious alcohol-free drink which doesn’t compromise on taste or experience.

Bursting with natural coastal botanicals, including sea kelp, samphire and juniper, each flavour is individually extracted using centuries old techniques and blended together after distillation. Treat someone you love to an ultimate ‘Sea & T’ with this Devonshire delight.