Christmas Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

Still having problems looking for a gift for those tricky family members? Your solution: Beer. Who doesn’t love it? Here, we’ve chosen some of our favourite, fanciest and freshest brews to solve your Christmas conundrums. With something for everyone, go wild. 

1. Beer Lovers’ Complete Collection

With such a wide range of craft beers on the BoroughBox website, we understand how picking one brand can be overwhelming at times. We say, try them all! This present is worthy of royalty, combining everything beer into an extraordinary gift - a true beer lover’s paradise.

Filled with BoroughBox favourites, this gift contains over 50 marvellous products, including 27 beers from iconic distilleries across the UK. Find familiar faces such as ‘Hiver’, ‘Brew by Numbers’ and ‘Partisan’ as well as some of our favourites including ‘Jiddler's Tipple’ and ‘First Chop’. To add to your tasting experience, we’ve included a range of mouth-watering beer snacks to the mix.

2. Ultimate Beer Bucket Gift

Fancy something similar to the Beer Lovers’ Complete Collection, but a little smaller? Our Ultimate Beer Bucket Gift has a fantastic mix of 12 craft beers: pales, pils, porters, lagers, blondes and more; so there’s something there for everyone! The beers come in a handy beer bucket, perfect for a party, or festive celebration with friends or family. You can upgrade the gift to include more craft beers or even add some fantastic artisan beer snacks to make it that extra bit more special.

3.Christmas Beer Grand Tour Gift Box

Looking for an affordable tasting tour for a craft beer lover? Push them to try something new with this phenomenal collection of eight premium beers. It includes eight beers from award-winning producers First Chop, London’s Brew By Numbers, the funky Jiddler’s Tipple (made by BoroughBox’s very own Jacob Liddle), the deliciously irreverent Yeastie Boys and sustainability-driven Toast brewery! I mean, what more could one ask for?

5. The Light Beer Box

Looking for something a little less boozy and a little more tasty? Look no further than this - our flavour-centric Light Beer Box. A selection of 8 unique and deliciously light beers hand-picked to guarantee the most refreshing, easy-drinking experiences. With their lower alcohol percentage, these beers allow flavours to be at the forefront of the experience - a real treat. Be it a gift to a beer lover in your life or a little treat to yourself, this selection is one you don’t want to miss.

6. Bermondsey Beer Mile Box

Bermondsey Beer Mile is an iconic stretch of breweries, bars, and taprooms in South London. We’ve curated our favourites into this gift-ready little number. We’re talking the best of the best, all flawlessly packed into an incredible gift set that any beer fan will love!

An excellent gift for any beer fan, absolutely perfect for any occasion - experience a remote Bermondsey Beer Mile pub crawl from the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to your average can of beer and enter the flavoursome world of London craft brewing.

7. Craft Beer and Meat Box

Still not quite found the PERFECT marriage of beer and snacks? Stop the search - we’ve found a winner! This magnificent mix of craft beers and tasty meat snacks is a great gift for any meat-loving beer enthusiast. Carefully curated to pair refreshing tipples with the best-suited bites, this collection features the very best of independent UK beer producers. STILL not satisfied? You have the option to DOUBLE it. Easy as that.

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