Celebrating BoroughBox’s Female Entrepreneurs

Celebrating BoroughBox’s Female Entrepreneurs

At BoroughBox we're proud to partner with countless women in business. Whether it's homeschooling during the pandemic, growing  a small business or both all at once, we can’t think of any more important leaders in this struggle, than mums.

Whether it’s the mum elected Prime Minister of New Zealand, leading the world through COVID, the step-mum recently appointed Vice President of the US, or the mum you see homeschooling her children in the park in the morning, each one is worthy of the same celebration. 

That’s why we want to use this day to shine a light on some of our outstanding marketplace sellers and #BoroughBoxMums. From natural organic cacao, to fruit teas for kids and luxury fruit cake, these mums are the one’s really getting us through lockdown. Shake off the lockdown blues, with stories from mums to warm the heart.

Becky & Kate | Small & Wild | Fruit Tea For Kids

Tell us about your story - what was the inspiration?

"We love that herbal and fruit teas are such a healthy and versatile way of staying hydrated and we wanted to share this passion with our small people, so we set about creating blends especially for little taste buds. Brewed warm, they bring comfort after a long day, whilst served over iced they offer refreshing hydration after an energetic run around."

How have you juggled business with motherhood? Especially this past year. 

"Our business has always been about the juggle and like many small businesses, we often end up working into the evenings and over weekends. Equally, both Kate & I have 3 young kids and we’re all about quality family time so we recognise it is really important to strike a balance."

And what was your proudest moment as a business leader? 

"Landing our first lovely small, independent stockists at the beginning of our journey! It marked such an achievement for us - having taken a concept, researched it, tested multiple teas out on little tasters, getting a trademark, developing packaging… and then seeing our teas on a real life shelf!"

What is your proudest moment as a mum? 

"The last 12 months have been pretty tough on the mental health of our little people and whilst over the years we have both had lots of ‘proud mum’ moments, I think that the times this year when our small people have been able to come to us and put words to some very complex feelings and emotions has particularly filled us with pride."

Enchanted by the idea of tea-sipping toddlers, we fell in love with this story of two mums with a heart-warming vision. Support Kate and Becky’s tea-time dreams with a cup of the good stuff here!

Roxy | Rosamond & Ivy | Natural Cacao Drinking Chocolate

Tell us about your story - what was the inspiration?

"I started Rosamond & Ivy after helping to run my mum's natural health food business during my pregnancy and maternity leave in 2013/2014. I noticed that lots of customers were buying cacao powder, natural sweeteners and flavours to make their own 100% natural drinking chocolate, as there simply wasn't a really clean, delicious raw cacao-based drinking chocolate on the market."

"Since then, Rosamond & Ivy has gone from strength to strength. I now have 6 flavours and numerous gift boxes with stockists all over the country."

How have you juggled business with motherhood, especially this past year?

"It's been one of the most full-on but rewarding years of my life. I've often found myself attending online streamed lectures, with Ava Rae set up at the desk next to me doing her home learning and needing frequent input and encouragement."

What is your proudest moment as a mum?

"My daughter is my biggest supporter and cheer leader, giving me the motivation and a reason to push through the endless days of lockdown and to achieve as much as I can everyday. She motivated me to retrain at 40 in a career that is my true calling and really changes people's lives, on the days that it all feels too much she says: "Don't worry mama, you can do it"."

With her daughter’s inspiration and her commitment to natural, high quality produce, Roxy is precisely the kind of mum we’re proud to work with. If you fancy a hot choccy, you can find Roxy’s wonderful array of cosy chocolatey treats here!

Tracy | Woolery Forbes | Artisanal Jamaican Fruit Cake

Tell us about your story - what was the inspiration?

"My inspiration is keeping people connected through exquisite deliciousness. Food which is special and moreish that people will enjoy and always look forward to. I naturally love cooking wholesome and great food, plus I love keeping connected."

How have you juggled business with motherhood? Especially this past year. 

"Previously, I had given so much time to building my new business, it had robbed me of my family time. On reflection, I realised that I needed to maintain a better balance. I had to be totally present when not working or having my “me time”. One of the things we agreed on as a family was having a movie or games night each weekend which has been wonderful."

What is your proudest moment as a mum? 

"Seeing my children each grow into being their own person. They each have their own identity and they are confident of who they are. They realise that they are not perfect and I love seeing them tackle various challenges. This shows their humanity, their empathy, their values, their resilience and most of all, it shows self love."

And what has been your proudest moment as a business leader? 

"My proudest moment was my first sale and every other sale since. Leaving a teaching career after over twenty years to start a new business was frightening. There was a lot of uncertainty. I am happy that there is a place for difference, a place such as BoroughBox where I can have a platform for something handcrafted to a great quality. I am proud that I am providing a service which people recognise and appreciate. Thank you BouroghBox, reflecting on my journey has been awesome. I have truly grown and I am truly blessed. Thank you."

We’re so happy to have been a part of Tracy’s story. With her family around her, there’s nothing a mother can’t do. Reward a hard-working mum like Tracy with a Woolery Forbes cake to really Make Mum Proud. 

We’re proud to celebrate and support such hard-working and resourceful women. Whether it's juggling business and motherhood, exercise and office time, or self-care and family, nothing’s straightforward for mums.