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Bermondsey is a district synonymous with food and drink. Known historically as the Larder of London it is the birthplace of the tin can, Twiglets and the Bourbon biscuit.

The Bermondsey Beer Mile began around a decade ago, as a mile-long section of disused railway arches, stretching east beneath the tracks from London Bridge station.

Inspired by the area’s rich producing heritage, Bermondsey arch-dwelling craft breweries organically grew in number. A beating heart of the UK’s burgeoning craft brewing movement.

Soon, each Saturday, the breweries began opening their doors to the eager public - who were invited in to enjoy the latest brew, as they sat perched between the towers of kegs.

Initially, only a small group of London locals were in-the-know - seen wandering, seemingly lost along the back streets of industrial Bermondsey. They would stumble into seemingly closed industrial estates. The pioneers of a buzzing new social scene.

Soon word spread, and ergo, the crowds came. Breweries extended their opening hours, and the Bermondsey Beer Mile became the London drinking destination. Not just for Londoners, but for adventuring tourists as well.

Of course, not your average tourist - solely those on the hunt for a real London. Kamikaze tourists, those who jump off the open top buses, and run at full pelt, desperate to dive off the traditional tourist trail.

Many would start at Bermondsey’s famed foodie haunt, Maltby Street Market – marking the most westerly end of the Beer Mile, and from there they would follow the crowds to discover the adjacent breweries.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the Mile is closer to two miles long. New breweries have opened, tap rooms have become permanent and the Mile’s reputation for top quality craft beer is now international.

With BoroughBox HQ in such close proximity to the Bermondsey Beer Mile, we wanted to celebrate it in all its glory. Pulling together some of its greatest breweries and their finest brews, then bringing them straight to your door.

Here’s an introduction to our selection and their fantastic stories, in case you’re not already acquainted.

Hiver - Est. 2013 

Marking the western end of the mile, right next to Maltby Street Market, Hiver combines its love of beer and nature’s golden nectar, honey. They united their brewing forces with local beloved beekeepers, Bermondsey Street Bees.

Fermenting beer with raw honeys, Hiver uses old, traditional methods and industries. Strictly including purely British ingredients and suppliers, even down to its glassware.

Hiver does good too - donating 10% of its profits to pollinator charities, it encourages customers to participate in wildflower planting days – to increase bee habitats, arranged by organisations like the London Beekeepers Association.

Partizan Brewing - Est. 2012 

Leeds native Andy Smith left a career in fine dining, ready for his next adventure. As an avid home brewer, when he journeyed down to the capital to live, he began working at Redemption Brewing in Tottenham, hands-on learning the trade.

Having built up his skills and knowledge, when his friend at Bermondsey’s Kernel Brewery offered up a professional brewing kit (which they’d outgrown) to set up his own brewery, the Partizan stage was set.

Andy took a lease of his own Bermondsey railway arch, and with the help of friend, illustrator, artist and general creative genius, Alec Doherty to lead the branding, a new age of the Bermondsey Beer Mile began.

Partizan’s beer labels have been sold at London’s acclaimed Institute of Contemporary Art, and adorn the walls of some of the most stylish homes in the land.

Small Brew Beer Co. - Est. 2017

The new kids on the block are pushing the boundaries of the traditional Bermondsey Beer Mile - now definitely beyond an imperial mile. Small Brew Beer Co. has set up shop along Bermondsey’s industrial Verney Road.

Innovators, they have built a bespoke brewing kit, dedicated to the production of lower-alcohol beer - up to 2.8% ABV. This is the world's ‘first’ dedicated small beer brewery - this century, anyway.

Steeped in history, back in 16th century Britain, small beer breweries were commonplace. In a world where clean water was not in easy supply – this was a time where drinking water could be fatal.

As such, small beer was enjoyed in households, workplaces and even schools across the land. Drunk for its hydrating and nutritional value - it was a staple of daily British life, deemed suitable for all ages.

Those days have returned, although in 2020, you should definitely be over 18 to drink it.

Brew by Numbers - Est. 2012

Founders Dave and Tom met one another on a rock-climbing tour around Asia back in 2010.

A year later, in a Southwark basement close to Borough, in a property where Tom also lived, they set off on their microbrewing adventure.

They began by reading books, researching online, asking advice from friends in the industry (including Tom’s pal, Toby, of Bermondsey’s Kernel Brewery.) They would help out for free in established breweries, and this is how the entrepreneurial pair taught themselves to brew.

Through ongoing experimentation, Dave and Tom progressed to splitting batches and performing tests on them. The winner of the batches would be brewed again, and the process repeated to find original combinations.

The numbering system attributed to these early brews gave rise to their brewery’s name, and on December 1, 2012, it officially opened.

These are the stories of our Beer Mile favourites. You’ll notice that every story is one of collaboration, innovation, passion and diligence, continuing a long-standing Bermondsey manufacturing tradition - which established its historic reputation as the Larder of London.

If you get the chance to visit any of these breweries and their tap rooms in the flesh, you’ll see familiar faces across each brewery, as they drink and socialise across one another’s spaces. As businesses, they are of course competitors, but beyond this, they are a community.

They celebrate one another’s successes and growth. They are comrades and collaborators - united by their passion for quality craft beer, working for the greater good of the industry, their teams and of course – you, the great beer-loving public.

We at BoroughBox say cheers to that. View our complete Bermondsey Beer Mile collection here.