Experimenting in the kitchen is a favourite pastime at BoroughBox - after all, experimentation often leads to innovation and discovering amazing “out of the box” flavour combinations. 

This week we decided to focus on one of our all-time favourite snacks - popcorn! Join us in exploring some of our favourite flavours, as well as some “off-piste” weird and wonderful combinations that you probably haven’t considered before.


First things first, let’s have a quick breakdown on how to prepare the perfect popcorn. If you’re anything like me, a failsafe method is microwave popcorn, after all, it's easy, quick and gets the job done, fast! However, after burning one too many bags and almost causing a small fire in the kitchen, we’ve left this method behind.
We’re all about stovetop popcorn now!

What you need:

1 medium saucepan, ½ a cup of popcorn kernels and 2 tablespoons of oil (olive or coconut)

Let’s get popping!

1. Place your saucepan over the hob and crank up the heat to medium.
2. Place 2 kernels along with the oil in the pot and cover with a lid.
3. Wait a few minutes until the two kernels pop.
4. Remove the saucepan from the heat and add remaining kernels, give it a mix to ensure everything is covered in oil.
5. Return to heat and occasionally stir to cook kernels evenly. Slightly move the lid to allow steam to escape, this prevents the steam from causing the popcorn to lose its crunch!
6. If popcorn overflows, pour the top into a bowl and return to heat.
7. Continue cooking until popping sound slows, having roughly a pop every 5 seconds.
8. Pour all popcorn into a bowl, sprinkle with salt or toppings of your choice and serve immediately.

Tasty Toppings

We’re addicts when it comes to having sweet toppings all over our popcorn pretzels, chocolates and biscuits. However, we’d like to introduce some of the more unique combinations people around the world have grown to love.

Hot Sauce

A snacking haven for spicy food lovers, adding hot sauce to popcorn has been a long tradition in Mexico, known as “palomitas con salsa” this topping is extremely popular amongst street vendors.
Want to give it a try? Here are our recommendations.


If this is the first time you’re adding some spice to your popcorn, we recommend adding it to a side dish. Dip your popcorn (unbuttered) into the sauce as you see fit.

I’m a fan!

If you enjoy hot sauce on your popcorn here are the best ways of mixing them together.
Place your popcorn in a bowl, and add the hot sauce and stir well, evenly distributing the sauce all over your popcorn.
If you’re a microwave popcorn lover or have a paper bag laying around this method might be slightly easier/ better at distributing the hot sauce: place the popcorn in a paper bag add hot sauce and shake things up - we recommend pretending to be a mixologist in one of the famous Bond films! This is a better way of distributing the sauce, preventing some bits from getting soggy and some from not getting any topping
Looking for some hot sauce? We have a great collection on our site.

Soy Sauce

Yep, you read that right, soy sauce has become incredibly popular amongst popcorn lovers.

Where to start?

Similar to the previous point, soy sauce is mixed to popcorn, creating a delicious salty taste.

We recommend going all out. Mix melted butter and soy sauce to your popcorn, creating a savoury snack as you’ve never experienced before!

Chocolate and Coconut

This one is a guaranteed hit for anyone with a sweet tooth.
An easy recipe, all you need to do is melt dark chocolate and mix it with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Pour it over your popcorn and wait for it to harden (if you can resist) next, sprinkle coconut flakes and voila, you’ve got yourself a crunchy sweet delicious mouth-watering sweet treat.

Flawless Flavours

We have some incredible popcorn producers on our site, each with unique and utterly delicious flavours we just can’t get enough of! Here’s a guide to some of our favourites if you fancy leaving the popcorn experimentation to the pros!

Joe and Seph's

A family-run popcorn business which uses 100% natural ingredients and a unique 'flavour-sequencing' process to completely lock the flavours in the popcorn; making them perfect for any occasion.

Our Favourite:

Goats Cheese & Black Pepper Gourmet Popcorn
A subtle taste of Black Pepper followed by a creamy, French Goats Cheese – delicious!

Popcorn Shed

Two cousins (Sam and Laura) joined forces and dedicated themselves to perfecting irresistibly indulgent popcorn recipes. The business grew rapidly and they soon found themselves moving out of the family kitchen to their family garden she

Our Favourite:

Popcorn Snack Packs Mixed Selection
A sumptuous mix of 14 gourmet popcorn snack packs!

British Popcorn Co.

Lovingly crafted, outrageously delicious and quintessentially quirky. We absolutely love the branding of British Popcorn Co. and they have incredible flavours to match.

Our Favourite:

Sour Cream & Black Pepper Popcorn
Delicious sour cream with hints of black pepper.

Great Stuff Company Ltd

All-natural, tasty products, that are an excellent source of energy, protein, and fibre for health and weight-conscious consumers.

Our Favourite:

Organic Popcorn Sweet Raspberry-Vanilla
Unique and exotic, a true explosion of flavours.


Supacorn was born from the desire to find a healthy snack alternative to salt ridden crisps and sugar-loaded energy bars. Combining wonderfully exotic superfood flavours with the delicate subtlety of popcorn to get the ultimate treat.

Our favourite:

Supacorn Matcha

Combining delicious Japanese Matcha tea powder with pink Himalayan salt to create a super healthy and vibrant combo.

There we have it, a popcorn extravaganza with your own DIY unusual popcorn hacks, as well as some ready-made favourites. Which one are you trying first? Make sure to share pictures of your popcorn mixes and your go-to combos when it comes to this delicious savoury snack!

After surveying women in a pregnancy club, a popcorn with ice cream and dill pickle flavouring was created, becoming an instant hit amongst pregnant women! We can safely say we haven’t mustered the courage to try this yet.